Tuesday 22 October 2013

Twix White

Product name: Twix White
Purchase details:
£1.09 for a 50g bar (monstersweets.co.uk)
125 per finger (250 per bar)

I was very excited when I saw this Twix White on Monster Sweets' website. I do like Twixes but I can’t say I have them very often. Swapping the milk chocolate for white made the prospect irresistible for me, though, so onto my order it went!

I don’t know where this bar was made but the contact details given were for Mars in Holland, Germany and Denmark. Whilst this was a European limited edition, something in the back of my mind was telling me that I’d had one of these before. Low and behold, a quick look on Wikipedia revealed that this had been previously released in the UK back in 2004, so there you go!

Like always, this bar was split into two fingers and, according to the wrapper, a serving is one of them. Whatever! I found the packaging to be unique since it maintained the traditional red and gold associated with the Twix brand but was presented on a very white background. I almost didn’t notice it, but there was also an image the white Twix fading into the background on the wrapper.

Due to my previous Twix encounters, I expected each finger to be a long biscuit topped with a thick layer of caramel, all coated in white chocolate...I was right! Whilst not being very thick on the bottom of the bar (you could see the biscuit through it), the white chocolate looked enticing and, inside, the biscuit and caramel layers were almost equal in quantity, although there was slightly more biscuit. These components looked really attractive together since the pale biscuit contrasted nicely with the deeper caramel. There also seemed to be a very thin, dark layer between the biscuit and the caramel which looked a bit like milk chocolate – odd!

This Twix smelt of white chocolate but it wasn’t a strong aroma and I couldn’t smell the other ingredients at all. This chocolate was quite a thin layer and melted really quickly, leaving behind the biscuit and caramel. It probably wasn’t as flavourful as the milk chocolate is but it was still nice and it tasted particularly good with the caramel (I do have a habit of biting the top layer off the biscuit!).

The biscuit was like shortcake and was pleasantly buttery – I could have sworn they don’t taste that good in the milk chocolate version, but maybe it’s just been too long since I last had one! The biscuit was crispy whilst the caramel that topped it was really gooey with a bit of stiffness. Flavour-wise, it tasted as you would expect caramel to taste – good stuff.

Although the Twix White basically contained three simple components, combined, it produced something a bit special. I particularly loved the texture of this product as the caramel and biscuit merged really well together whilst the white chocolate provided a moistness. Definitely a good twist on a classic. 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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