Wednesday 30 October 2013

Leibniz Pick Up!: Choco & caramel

Product name: Leibniz Pick Up!: Choco & caramel
Purchase details:
£0.65 for a 28g biscuit (
138 per biscuit
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It’s time for the last of my Leibniz Pick Up! reviews, and the one I was most looking forward to trying – Choco & caramel.

Continuing the sandwich biscuit theme, this variation was most like the Choco & milch since its milk chocolate bar centre contained a hidden layer of caramel. This was represented on the wrapper by an attractive looking caramel stream, along with an accompanying product image. 

The product’s outward appearance was identical to the Choco & milch and Choco versions but I’m afraid to say that I was slightly disappointed by the presentation of the caramel. On breaking apart the biscuit, this looked like a far thinner and stringy layer than the gooey image portrayed on the wrapper, and it almost looked like some kind of orange flavoured filling.

The Choco & caramel biscuit smelt different to the other varieties which seemed to be a result of the caramel. It was quite a dark, sweet scent and was slightly odd.

Again, the biscuit used was like a sweetened rich tea, with some extra flavour added by the caramel-filled chocolate. Overall, this was a slightly sweeter offering which seemed to be due to the caramel but, aside from that, this didn’t seem to have an obvious taste or add much additional flavour which was a shame. Whilst the chocolate's flavour was still evident, it wasn't as strong as the other varieties, and this also seemed to be a result of the caramel.

Texturally, this variety was most like the Choco & milch due to the softer centre, but the thin layer of caramel was really slippery which meant that, when biting into the biscuit, the two layers of the sandwich slid apart. I didn't consider this to be an issue - it was just something a bit different!

The Choco & caramel definitely wasn’t my favourite of the Leibniz Pick Up! range but its combination of biscuit and chocolate, as well as a generally sweet flavour, did mean it was still pleasant.
I certainly wouldn't have any complaints about having another!

Appearance: 6.5/10
Overall score:

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