Saturday 19 October 2013

Milka Lila Pause: Erdbeer-Joghurt

Product name: Milka Lila Pause: Erdbeer-Joghurt
Purchase details:
£1.09 for a 38g bar (
210 per  bar
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It’s been a while since my last Milka review so I ordered this Lila Pause: Erdbeer-Joghurt bar from Monster Sweets last week. Having previously enjoyed the Nougat-crème, I was interested to see how this strawberry yoghurt version would compare.

The wrapper was designed in the same way as the Nougat-crème but had a lovely shade of red, rather than orange, and also contained images of a strawberry and a swirl of cream.

Made by Kraft Foods, Monster Sweets described this bar as a ‘strawberry yoghurt cream with crunchy crispies’, coated in milk chocolate. Its outer appearance was identical to the Nougat-crème with a really cute mountain scene decorating the glossy chocolate’s surface. Inside, though, things were pretty different and certainly not as gooey. The yoghurt cream was pale pink in colour, with darker pink flecks, and this did look attractive. However, I did think the crispy pieces slightly let down the appearance as they just didn’t seem to fit the otherwise neat appearance.

This bar had a strong strawberry aroma which was also yoghurt-like and it was certainly the strawberry flavour that came through the most in the taste test. As I’ve often found is the case with this kind of filling, it did remind me a bit of ice cream. The chocolate was Milka’s usual, milky self and was lovely and silky, when melting, making way for the thicker strawberry filling. The crispy pieces did add some texture which, whilst nice, I wasn’t convinced was necessary. That said, I did find that, combined with the sharp flavour, they tricked my mind into thinking they were little seeds (although I associate that characteristic with raspberries rather than strawberries!).

Once again, I was pleased with this delicious Milka product. I just don’t understand why they’re not available in the UK! 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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