Tuesday 8 October 2013

Hill Biscuits Snack Packs: Strawberry creams

Product name: Hill Biscuits Snack Packs: Strawberry creams
Purchase details:
£0.89 for a multipack of six packs of six biscuits (Home Bargains)
64 per biscuit (384 per pack)
Country of origin:

Continuing my reviews of Hill Biscuits Snack Packs, tonight it’s time for the Strawberry creams.

The biscuits used for this variety looked identical to the Custard creams and Orange creams but the cream centre looked far more exciting – it was baby pink in colour so was cute and different.

These Strawberry creams emitted a strong aroma which was fruity but not in a natural way. Instead, it made me think of bubblegum.

I tried a bit of the cream before anything else and it actually caused me to voice the word ‘WOAH!’ – it was so sugary on its own. I also noted that it wasn’t very fruity in flavour and tasted more like Calpol. When combined with the biscuit, though, the flavour wasn’t as overwhelming and it was actually still possible to detect the vanilla in the biscuit. However, there was a tangy aftertaste from the cream which was a bit like a milder sherbet.

As expected, these biscuits were the same concept as the others in the variety pack, and delivered the same great texture. I did expect to enjoy this particular variety more than I did but, ultimately, I was let down by the flavour. 

Appearance: 8.5/10
Overall score:

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