Thursday 17 October 2013

Hill Biscuits Snack Packs: Coconut creams

Product name: Hill Biscuits Snack Packs: Coconut creams
Purchase details:
£0.89 for a multipack of six packs of six biscuits (Home Bargains)
64 per biscuit (384 per pack)
Country of origin:

I’ve finally got to the end of my Hill Biscuits Snack Packs variety pack and my last review is of the flavour I suspected I would enjoy the most – the Coconut creams.

The biscuits used in this variety were identical to the ones used for the CustardOrange and Strawberry creams. The cream, though, was a pure white colour and so the overall appearance was fresher.

These biscuits did have a coconut scent that hit me every now and then, but it was the taste that I was most interested in. I tried a bit of the cream on its own, first, and found that it had the same soft, slightly grainy texture that all the other versions had. Flavour-wise, it actually had a really creamy taste, with hints of coconut, and I found it to be very pleasant. Even better was the fact that it wasn’t overly sweet and had a more subtle taste than the Custard creams

When eating the biscuits as a whole, the coconut flavour was minimal, which was a shame but, on the plus side, I found they tasted like how I expected the Custard creams to taste since the vanilla was noticeable and they weren’t too sugary at all.

I really enjoyed these Coconut creams – they were simple but very tasty. I’d certainly have no objections to buying them again, although they did lack the tangy excitement provided by the Orange creams.

Overall score:

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