Monday 14 October 2013

Cofresh Handmade: Coconut bar

Product name: Cofresh Handmade: Coconut bar
Purchase details:
£0.39 for a 50g bar (
245 per bar

Have I ever mentioned that I love coconut? Well, I do! So here’s a review of the Cofresh Handmade: Coconut bar. I’m not entirely sure where it was made but the packaging stated that it was ‘imported and manufactured for Cofresh’, Leicester, whilst an address in Australia was also provided.

I’d never had a bar like this before so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Aside from being a bar made of 43% desiccated coconut, the only other descriptor on the packaging was that it was soft. The additional ingredients that were listed were sugar, glucose, albumen and vanilla flavouring, so it seemed that it was going to be pretty basic and, I feared, a little boring.

The bar’s wrapper was simple in appearance but did a good job in allowing a lot of the inner product to be visible. Although this wasn’t a Christmas item, I did think there was so much coconut that it looked quite snow-like!

Due to the quantity of desiccated coconut, I was expecting the bar to make a mess and flake everywhere but, thankfully, it wasn’t that bad, and its white appearance made it look attractive and fresh. I obviously wasn’t surprised by this, but the bar just smelt like desiccated coconut, although it wasn’t a particularly strong aroma.

On trying this Coconut bar, the first thing I noticed was that it was a bit dry. Whilst soft, it did have a chewiness to it, and it was as I chewed that more moisture was released. Due to the amount of coconut used, I found that there was an initial sweet coconut taste which died down and then made room for a nuttiness, as well as a slight watery flavour.

I found this Coconut bar to be nice but not very exciting. I think it’s fair to say that this kind of product would definitely be better if it were covered in chocolate!

Overall score:

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