Saturday 12 October 2013

Hill Biscuits Snack Packs: Digestive creams

Product name: Hill Biscuits Snack Packs: Digestive creams
Purchase details:
£0.89 for a multipack of six packs of six biscuits (Home Bargains)
64 per biscuit (384 per pack)
Country of origin:

I’m nearly at the end of my Hill Biscuits Snack Packs variety pack and, today, it’s the turn of the Digestive creams. 

I found this a slightly strange concept since I don’t think I’ve ever had a digestive biscuit in anything other than a smooth, round form, so having a rectangular shape with a raised pattern was a bit unusual for me. Aside from this change, though, these were identical to the Custard creams – the colour of the biscuit was simply a bit darker and more of an oatmeal colour, and also contained the usual wheat flakes. They didn’t look quite as appealing as the Custard creams but there was more of a contrast between the two parts of the biscuits.

These biscuits smelt identical to the Custard creams and the filling was also the same. However, I could taste the digestive flavour coming through which resulted in the overall experience being slightly less sweet. Whilst I preferred the flavour provided by the original biscuits, I did like how these digestive ones did stop the sugary cream being quite so powerful.

Whilst not massively different from the other varieties in the packet, these Digestive creams did have a slightly thicker texture due to the little flecks that are present in this type of biscuit. I found this to be less preferable but, in reality, it didn’t make a massive difference.

These Digestive creams were fine for what they were but I felt the differences in flavour and texture were so minimal in comparison to the Custard creams that it just didn’t seem worth the effort.

Overall score:

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