Wednesday 2 October 2013

Lindisfarne Gospels: Durham (white chocolate)

Product name: Lindisfarne Gospels: Durham (white chocolate) 

This review is a bit of a weird one in that I know nothing about the product except it was bought by my parents from the Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition in Durham. In reality, it’s the type of chocolate that can be found in many gift shops, but I thought it was worth a review anyway!

I thought the wrapper was quite attractive, despite the unusual dark background for a white chocolate product and, apparently, the image of the cat was taken from the Lindisfarne Gospels (I don’t claim to know any more than that!). I have to say that the quality of the wrapper wasn’t as great up close but this was to be expected when considering this chocolate bar had probably been mass-produced and then put in different wrappers depending on which tourist attraction it was destined for. The printing budget probably wasn’t huge!

Beneath the paper wrapper was a thin, gold foil layer which, combined with the shape of the chocolate bar (long, narrow and quite deep), made me thing of actual bars of gold. This idea actually continued inside when I discovered, to my surprise, that the bar was smooth, solid chocolate with no decoration or division marks anywhere. Considering the white chocolate wasn’t exactly un-golden in colour, this unadulterated bar did have a strangely special feel to it. The only thing that was slightly unusual was, when cutting into the chocolate, it seemed to have two layers – as if one layer had been poured into the mould and allowed to set before a second layer was added.

The bar’s appearance was what I expected for white chocolate, and it also had the familiar, sweet smell. It delivered a creamy taste experience which again, was what I’d hoped for, so it was good stuff. I particularly loved how chunky the bar was as it was great to bite into – the thickness of the chocolate actually reminded me of white chocolate Toblerone without the added bits. The only negative side of this chunkiness was that it was a bit too thick to melt properly on the tongue. I found that, when trying to suck it, the chocolate almost felt rubbery, and I ended up getting bored and giving up and chewing instead. This was advantageous, though, since it released more of the white chocolate flavour.

Whilst not a top quality, well-known chocolate bar, this Lindisfarne Gospels: Durham (white chocolate) was actually very enjoyable. 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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