Wednesday 9 October 2013

Nabisco Chips Ahoy!: Big & chewy original

Product name: Nabisco Chips Ahoy!: Big & chewy original
Purchase details:
£1.99 for a pack of two cookies (A Quarter of Sweets)
150 per cookie (300 per pack)
Country of origin:

When I bought my packet of Nabisco Chips Ahoy!: Big & chewy chocolate, I hadn’t seen this original variety, but I couldn’t resist giving them a try too when I spotted them in A Quarter of Sweets soon after my last review. One of the reasons I’d been slightly disappointed the first time around was that the chocolate flavour was far stronger than the peanut butter one so I really hoped that the latter would be more apparent in this product.

Looking at the packaging, I’m not surprised this variety originally passed me by – it was identical to the chocolate version, just with a different coloured cookie as the product image. To be fair, the actual concept was also exactly the same, with the only difference being the use of a plain biscuit rather than a chocolate one.

These cookies appeared to contain more chocolate chips than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and I found they looked more appealing than the chocolate ones due to the lighter colour scheme. They gave off a slight peanut butter smell but the main aroma was something a bit darker – almost like syrup but not as nice.

The cookies felt soft to the touch and they broke very gently and, on sampling them, the soft texture continued, although they also had a slight chew to them. They were moist and, once again, the Peanut Butter Cups provided a slight crunch.

The general taste experience this product provided was a sweet one and the biscuits seemed to have a knack of hitting tastebuds all over the tongue. Unfortunately, though, I still found that the peanut butter flavour wasn’t overly strong, although it did provide a salty kick at the end of each mouthful. Whilst chocolate was still a feature in these original cookies, they didn’t provide a very chocolatey flavour. However, in this instance, I found this to be preferable.

I can’t say that these Nabisco Chips Ahoy!: Big & chewy original cookies were a massive improvement on their chocolate equivalent, but they would be my preferred choice in future. I still think they could do with a chewier texture, and stronger peanut butter flavour, though! 

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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