Sunday 13 October 2013

Cadbury Dairy Milk: Winter wonderland

Product name: Cadbury Dairy Milk: Winter wonderland
Purchase details:
£0.99 for a 100g bar (Home Bargains)
133 per 25g serving (535 per 100g bar)
Country of origin:

It may still only be October but that’s not going to stop me reviewing another Christmas product – Cadbury Dairy Milk: Winter wonderland.

I was very excited about the presentation of this bar. It came in a Cadbury purple wrapper decorated with snowflakes and images of the chocolate within. That’s right, Christmas tree-shaped chocolate - what a novel idea! I also liked the way the individual chocolate pieces were depicted standing in a snow scene as it made me think the chocolate could be used to decorate Christmassy cupcakes by standing them in icing. 

This bar was definitely unique in appearance since it consisted of alternately placed milk and white chocolate tree-shaped pieces which then broke apart diagonally. I was actually surprised at just how easily they did come apart – not a single piece broke in the wrong place for me. Unfortunately, though, something had gone wrong in the production of my bar so, on one side, the white chocolate had leaked across onto the milk chocolate, and it was also missing some of its depth. This wasn’t a big issue but it was a shame since the chocolate was so beautifully presented, aside from that, with the contrast of the glossy colours working well together.

Although the product’s wrapper seemed to depict solid white chocolate trees, unfortunately, the white pieces were actually just a milk chocolate base topped with the white chocolate that only made up 12% of the bar. Whilst I found this slightly disappointing, I do obviously love Dairy Milk, and the chocolate did provide the usual, desirable aroma as well as the creamy, melting chocolate that defines the brand and fills the whole mouth with chocolatiness.

I fondly remember the Cadbury Flake: Snow that was available years ago and I had hoped that the combination of milk and white chocolate here would result in a similar end taste but, unfortunately, I found that there just wasn’t enough white chocolate to provide a decent contrast. It may have provided a little extra sweetness but, really, it only seemed to be there for appearance rather than taste. This product was delicious in its own right, though, so I didn’t find this mattered as a standalone item – it just didn’t have a particularly unique flavour.

In conclusion, it was really the appearance of this bar that made it any different to the standard Cadbury Dairy Milk bar but, since it was as delicious as expected, I would be delighted if Santa put a bar in my stocking this year. Furthermore, I loved how many Christmas tree pieces the bar broke into – it felt like a lot for 100g.

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