Tuesday 15 October 2013

Fox's Party: Choc rings

Product name: Fox’s Party: Choc rings
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£0.59 for a 125g packet (Home Bargains)
28 per biscuit
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Fox’s Party Rings have been a staple part of my diet since I started trying to lose weight several years ago because they contain so few calories. I know they’re designed for kids but I never find that an issue. Plus, I only had them at parties when I was little so I find it a novelty to now have them in the home! That said, I’ve had so many other items in my stash recently that it’s actually been months since I last had one. As for these Choc rings, it was a variety I’d never seen or tried before so I bought them as soon as I saw them, and they’ve been waiting for me to eat them ever since.

These ‘chocolate flavour, iced ring biscuits’ were not as colourful as the original variety due to the chocolate theme, but they were certainly a noticeable continuation of the brand, and I also thought they looked like mini doughnuts due to the presentation of the brown icing with white stripes.

It hadn’t occurred to me that the shortcake biscuits would also be chocolate flavoured so, combined with the icing, the product emitted a surprisingly strong chocolate biscuit scent. Understandably, this was quite a childlike one.

The texture of these Choc rings was the same as the original Party Rings – bumpy, crunchy biscuits with a thin, crispy sugar shell. On the downside, though, they had a really strange flavour. The icing retained its usual sugariness but the chocolatey flavour was mild and, I thought, not very accurate.

I really wanted to like these biscuits, especially since, whilst not the most natural product in the world, they didn’t contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. However, the concept just didn’t seem to work with a chocolate flavour. Fair play to Fox’s for trying something a bit different, but I’ll be sticking to the original variety in future.

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  1. Oooohhhhh I didn't realize the biscuit was chocolate. Seems I dismissed them too early.


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