Saturday 24 August 2013


Product name: Skor
Purchase details:
£0.75 for a 39g bar (Bold Street Sweets)
Calories: 200 per bar
Country of origin: USA

On my most recent trip to Bold Street Sweets, I was delighted to see the addition of a ‘reduced’ section, for products that were near their ‘best before’ dates. It was from this section that I purchased my first ever Skor bar – a product that I’d only ever seen online and, whilst slightly intrigued, had never been tempted to purchase at full price.

Distributed by The Hershey Company, this Skor came in an unusually dark and slightly bland wrapper, described as ‘delicious milk chocolate’ and ‘crisp butter toffee’. Whilst I enjoy toffee’s flavour, I’ve never been a big fan of the texture, and this is why I’d chosen not to try this product previously. 

On opening the flat bar, I noticed that the aroma was reminiscent of the toffees that can be found in selection boxes. Whilst I’d been secretly hoping for the toffee that lay beneath the attractively finished milk chocolate to be of the cinder variety, I soon discovered that it was, as suspected, a proper, hard toffee. This, though, did look appetising as it was so glossy it almost looked molten.

It was initially slightly difficult to take each bite of this bar, due to the toffee, and so the thicker top layer of the chocolate tended to come away first, revealing the beautifully smooth toffee layer. I was pleased that whilst the toffee wasn’t soft, it was crunchy enough that it didn’t break my teeth, and it actually tasted really nice. The buttery toffee’s flavour could be detected through the chocolate and there was a slight saltiness too. However, it was still toffee and so it did have a tendency to stick to the teeth and I also found the flavour caught in the back of my throat after a couple of mouthfuls. As for the chocolate, it wasn’t wonderful but it was certainly acceptable.

My overall opinion of this Skor bar was that it tasted better than I thought it would but it didn’t work in such a large quantity as there was too much toffee and not enough chocolate which I found my throat struggled with. However, I think it would work well in smaller, bite-sized pieces that could be enjoyed over several eating occasions. 

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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  1. I will have to visit Bold Street Sweets when I am in the city centre next, It is just a bit of a pain how it is so out of the way from L1, but will make it my mission to go now haha!
    Great review :)


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