Wednesday 14 August 2013

Rocky Chockas: Double choc

Product name: Rocky Chockas: Double choc
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a pack of seven biscuits (Tesco Superstore)
86 per biscuit
Country of origin:

Following on from my review of Rocky Chockas: Toffee & choc (see here), tonight I bring you this Double choc version. I’m ashamed to say that these biscuits were also slightly past their best before date but, again, I don’t think this will have affected my experience.

The packet described the product as ‘chocolate shortcake biscuits sprinkled with dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and crisp rice’ which were ‘fully coated in milk chocolate’. I found this prospect more interesting than the Toffee & choc variety due to my love of white chocolate, and I also hoped that the lack of toffee chips would prevent the excessive chewiness I’d previously experienced. 

I found these glossy biscuits had a really chocolatey smell which I’d describe as ‘innocent’ in that they seemed to have a basic and sweet quality that I associate with kids’ chocolate rather than more sophisticated cocoa aromas that usually accompany more grown-up products. That said, they did smell delicious!

I was intrigued by what the biscuit itself would be like since these Chockas had a chocolate shortcake base rather than the plain biscuit that had simply been described as ‘crunchy’ on the Toffee & choc wrapper. I actually didn’t like this chocolate version quite as much since it was far less crispy and I didn’t feel the flavour was as true to the Rocky brand. However, it was still tasty.

I was really pleased when the inside of the biscuits had revealed a larger quantity of white chocolate chips than dark. This also had the added benefit of a more colourful appearance. The white chips were creamy and, combined with the biscuit and milk chocolate coating, made for a very sweet and chocolatey experience that any child would love. The inclusion of the dark chips, though, did offer a slight kick which prevented the sweetness becoming too over the top. 

Generally, I thought Rocky Chockas: Double choc were an improvement on the Toffee & choc variety. However, in a blind test, I doubt I would have recognised them as a Rocky product. Therefore, I think a combination of the traditional biscuit used in the Toffee & choc version, but with the double chocolate filling used here, would be ideal. My overall opinion was that this product was a child’s dream, but I did get a fair bit of satisfaction out of it, myself! 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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