Wednesday 28 August 2013

Ferrero Duplo: White

Product name: Ferrero Duplo: White
Purchase details:
£0.55 for a 18.2g bar (
Unsure – estimate 107 per bar
Country of origin:

Having reviewed the milk chocolate Ferrero Duplo a couple of days ago, tonight I bring you Ferrero Duplo: White – exactly the same bar but with a white chocolate coating instead. Apparently, this was a limited edition.

The wrapper and bar’s appearance was exactly the same as the original Ferrero Duplo, just with the colours changed, and no potentially scary fish lurking inside! The white chocolate had a yellow tint to it which made me question the quality, but I did like how the hazelnut cream filling was more noticeable when looking at the inside of the bar.

Once again, this bar was targeted at kids and, as a result, the white chocolate aroma on offer seemed childlike. The texture of the bar was identical to the milk chocolate version, as was the overall taste experience. However, the white chocolate did add a tiny bit more flavour although, as expected, it wasn’t the best quality and it wasn’t very creamy. The hazelnut cream still didn’t taste very nutty but I did find it easier to differentiate between its flavour and that of the white chocolate.

Once again, I relied on MyFitnessPal to provide the nutritional information for this bar and whilst, at 107 calories, it contained slightly more than the milk chocolate version, my overall opinion remains: this bar was great for a light snack but, in itself, was nothing special.  

Appearance: 6.5/10
Overall score:

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