Thursday 29 August 2013

Lindt Creation: Milk (coconut)

Product name: Lindt Creation: Milk (coconut)
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a 150g bar (Poundworld)
Unsure – estimate 60 per square (600 per bar)
Country of origin: France

Regular readers will know that, when presented with a 100g bar of chocolate, I will fit it into my diet plan so I can eat it all in one go. However, when I bought this pretty big and weighty 150g Lindt Creation: Milk (coconut), I didn’t think this would be an option. According to MyFitnessPal, though, the whole thing ‘only’ contained 600 calories so I decided to be hardcore and take the risk and have it as a proper treat.

The cardboard packaging described this product as ‘finest milk chocolate with delicious coconut filling’ and I have to say that the image on the front felt very fresh. Within the inner foil wrapper, the bar consisted of 10 large squares that alternately had Lindt’s name and logo imprinted on them. A sweet coconut smell  (which was potentially artificial) drifted through the air on unwrapping the chocolate and, up close, the chocolate’s aroma could also be detected.

The squares broke softly and, since the deep gaps between them produced extra, chunky chocolate, I decided to try this first. As I’d hope from Lindt, this was creamy and silky. It also seemed to have its own coconut flavour, but I think this may have just been absorbed from the coconut filling it had been in contact with.

The clean, white coconut cream contained 2% coconut pulp and was moist rather than being the more solid filling I’d been expecting. It was also slightly bitty as it had tiny coconut flakes that made the experience seem more authentic. Unfortunately, though, the flavour wasn’t nearly as strong as it could have been and the chocolate was by far the main flavour. On the plus side, the coconut didn’t taste artificial, as I’d feared, and the lack of flavour meant that it also wasn’t overpowering.

The coconut filling did do a lot for the texture since, whether chewing or allowing to melt, it seeped out of its chocolate casing and, with the latter, left the coconut flakes behind. On the whole then, the texture was pretty soft for a chocolate bar, although the chocolate gaps between the bulk of each square did provide an extra crunch that didn’t succumb to the creamy centre.

Unsurprisingly, this was a rich chocolate bar and, as a result, it did get slightly less enjoyable as I neared the end of it. However, I did wonder if this would have been the case if the coconut had been a bit stronger, like I’d hoped. 

This was a tasty product but I think there was room for improvement. I didn’t actually think it needed as thick a chocolate layer, and I also felt it would have benefitted from more coconut flakes in the filling.   

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:


  1. Great review although I tend to have a love hate relationship with coconut, though it sounds like it isn't too sweet and actually has a good texture. If i see this i'll have to give it a go.

  2. I do love coconut but I would have thought that this is mild enough for someone who's less keen to still enjoy it. It really was more chocolatey than coconutty.

    Yeah - try and get it for a bargain price, like me, and then you won't be losing much if it's not to your taste :)


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