Tuesday 20 August 2013

Belgian Chocolate Thins Hazelnut

Product name: Belgian Chocolate Thins Hazelnut
Purchase details:
£2.50 for a 125g box (Bold Street Sweets)
134 per 25g serving
Country of origin:

I bought this box of Belgian Chocolate Thins from Bold Street Sweets a while ago and I effectively got them half price since I purchased them with a Living Social voucher. Made by Royal Chocolates, I’d never had this product before, but I was intrigued by the fact they appeared to be a chocolate version of Pringles. Having spent quite a while deliberating over which flavour to buy, I decided to go for Hazelnut due to my love of nuts, and the fact it seemed a little bit more interesting than some of the other varieties on offer.

The box claimed that these Thins were ‘simply irresistible!’ and made from ‘luscious milk chocolate’ so, despite the relatively plain packaging, I was interested to see if they were as good as was being suggested. I also noticed that three serving suggestions were given: with ice cream (instead of a wafer), with coffee, or decorating a cupcake. I knew I’d only be eating these on their own as a way of using up spare calories so I hoped that these accompaniments weren’t a necessity in order to truly enjoy the product.

I love it when a product’s aroma hits you as soon as the packet is opened, and this was certainly the case here. The Thins were flecked with lots of hazelnut pieces and so there was a lovely, praline-like scent.

Since I had an image of Pringles in my head prior to opening the box, I was quite shocked when I realised just how small the Thins were. However, the milk chocolate colour seemed spot on and they were nice and glossy. In addition to hazelnuts, the Thins contained ‘crispy rice puffs’, although to look at, it was hard to differentiate between the two.

Despite the product obviously being thin, they felt thicker in the mouth than they looked, and they also had a satisfying snap. The surface of the chocolate was smooth, although the bumps from the nuts and rice could be felt, and I enjoyed letting the chocolate melt to then crunch on the remaining nut pieces. I also felt that the rice was a nice addition since the crispiness added that little something extra.

I’m not going to pretend that the chocolate was the best in the world, but it was far nicer than I expected. It tasted wonderfully milky and left a lovely aftertaste in the mouth. 

My issue with these Belgian Chocolate Thins Hazelnut was that the chocolate and hazelnut combination didn’t quite work. Separately, the flavours were great but, together, I think the chocolate was possibly too creamy for the extreme nuttiness on offer. I’d definitely be up for trying another variety though. 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:


  1. I've seen these in 99p Stores before, or at least the same product by a different brand. Cadbury also used to do their own version years ago called "Snaps", do you remember those?
    Not sure why but they've never really appealed to me much.

    1. Snaps - yes! I could remember them existing but couldn't think of their name and had forgotten they were made by Cadbury.

      Is it just me or where they only short-lived?

  2. You can also get an Aldi version of these. I think they're in their "Choceur" range. Never tried them but always been tempted. Think I'll give them a go after reading this review. Hopefully they'll be at least as nice as the Choceur range hasn't let me down so far.


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