Tuesday 27 August 2013

Lindt Creamy Milk: Cookie crunch

Product name: Lindt Creamy Milk: Cookie crunch
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a 100g bar (Poundworld)
130 per five square serving (521 per bar)
Country of origin:

I decided to pick up this bar of Lindt Creamy Milk: Cookie crunch in Poundworld recently since, whilst not uncommon, it’s a variety I’ve never actually tried (probably because other Lindt products have seemed more exciting!). Although the wrapper was detailed, it didn’t look or feel quite as luxurious as other chocolates offered by the brand, but I was hardly going to complain for £1.00!

Described as ‘milk chocolate with crunchy pieces of cookies’, this bar came in an inner foil wrapper that improved its presentation. The chocolate was a lovely shade of brown and the cookie pieces were flecked throughout and were particularly evident through the base of the bar where the surface was more bumpy. I was interested to see that, inside, there seemed to be two layers of chocolate. The base layer contained the majority of the cookie and looked aerated in places where the bar had been broken. The moulded and ‘Lindt’-imprinted part of the bar, then, seemed to be made from an upper layer of chocolate which was smoother and contained fewer and smaller biscuit pieces. The bar as a whole emitted a sweet and milky smell.

When biting into the chocolate, there was a slight resistance from the aforementioned upper layer and, despite only containing 7% cookie pieces, the lower layer was chock-a-block full of biscuit which made it very crunchy. I don’t actually always enjoy chocolates where the texture is dominated by a crunchy or crispy ingredient, but I found it worked very well with this product. The downside was that this bar was too bitty to let the chocolate melt comfortably and so this wasn’t really an option. However, I was pleased that the chocolate itself was still quite dense despite the quantity of cookie.

The cookie had a baked biscuit taste and, combined with the good quality, creamy chocolate (which contained 30% cocoa) it was like eating a reversed chocolate chip cookie since it was chocolate full of crumbs rather than a biscuit full of chocolate.
I found this bar to be incredibly moreish and, whilst not exactly healthy, I was surprised at just how much you got for the amount of calories. It also went really well with a cup of tea. Lovely!

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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