Tuesday 13 August 2013

Nestlé Butterfinger: Crisp

Product name: Nestlé Butterfinger: Crisp
Purchase details:
£1.19 for a 40g pack of two pieces (cybercandy.co.uk)
210 per pack
Country of origin:

Being a massive peanut butter fan, it’s imperative that I try as many products as possible that contain this magical ingredient. In my pre-blog days I had, of course, sampled the Nestlé Butterfinger which delivered the desired peanut butter flavour but in the form of a chewy brittle rather than the thick, creamy form I’ve come to know and love. When I heard of this Crisp alternative, consisting of ‘baked wafers’ and ‘Butterfinger crème’, I just had to give it a go.

Within this 40g packet was two pieces which, together, formed the 210 calorie serving. I was initially pleased that it had been separated in this way as I figured it meant a larger surface area for the chocolate coating. However, I then realised that the product description didn’t mention anything about this outer layer which I thought was odd, so I had to Google it. It was on Wikipedia that I discovered that this, unfortunately, was another American product that used ‘compound chocolate’ (ie a chocolatey coating) rather than real chocolate.

The Butterfinger: Crisps’s aroma wasn’t far-reaching but, up close, there was a definite peanut butter-like smell that broke through the chocolatey coating. Inside, the peanut butter crème was far darker and more orange in colour than I expected, although this did allow for a better contrast with the pale wafer. I actually thought that the four layers of wafer alternated with the three layers of Butterfinger crème looked quite attractive.

I much preferred the Crisp’s texture to the original Butterfinger since the peanut butter was in this crème form rather than a brittle. However, I found the peanut butter tasted far more sugary than nutty, although there was still the required saltiness. The wafer made much more of an impact, flavour-wise, than I expected, although this was also very sweet and my overall conclusion was that it was a pretty artificial-tasting bar.

The Butterfinger: Crisp definitely lived up to its name, although I wouldn’t have minded a bit more of the soft crème added into the textural mix. However, if this were to happen, I think the crème would need to be a lot less sweet to prevent a sugar overload. 

I did actually enjoy this bar, but I felt like I shouldn’t have done, and it certainly wasn’t up there with my favourites. I probably would buy it again but it was a bit too artificial to be a regular purchase. 

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:


  1. I think that I would prefer this bar to the regular butterfinger, which I find to be a tad too crunchy, almost like a Cadbury Crunchie
    Anyway, great review as always :)

    1. Yeah, I agree about the original Butterfinger's texture - I find it sticks to my teeth too much!

      Thanks :)


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