Thursday 8 August 2013

Lindt Hello My Name Is: Cookies & cream

Product name: Lindt Hello My Name Is: Cookies & cream
Purchase details:
£0.60 for a 39g bar (Sainsbury’s Local)
220 per bar
Country of origin:

I was so excited when I found out that the Lindt Hello My Name Is range was making its way over to the UK so it was with great joy that I picked up one of each flavour at my nearest Sainsbury’s. All four varieties will be reviewed in due course, but today I bring you my review for the Cookies & cream bar.

The first thing I noticed about the range was the luxurious feel of the glossy wrappers. Each flavour is presented on a classy black background, with the Cookies & cream variant being signified by the metallic yellow tips. I also loved the enticing photograph of the inside of the bar, as well as the unusual and attractive fonts that were used, not just for the product name, but for the ingredients list and other written information.

On opening the bar, there was an instant creamy smell, and the detailed presentation continued with each block of the bar having a different, fun image, word or phrase embossed onto its surface. The bar was a lot slimmer than most chocolate bars, but it was also significantly longer and so it didn’t appear to be a measly offering.

I knew from the wrapper that 8% of this product was cookie pieces and I noticed this as soon as I cut into the bar since I could feel the grittiness against the knife edge. However, the milk chocolate itself, along with the cream filling, were contrastingly smooth and so the bar broke softly along its ridged edges. The pale cream looked refreshing against the chocolate shell and the flecks of cookie were reassuring for a cookies and cream theme!

I found the chocolate to be subtle and not nearly as rich or sweet as Lindt’s Lindor chocolate which, to me, was a good thing. This outer layer melted slowly, enabling it to gradually merge into the sweet, milky cream which melted that little bit quicker. In normal circumstances, I don’t like rough remnants to be left behind in the mouth but, for some reason, the same wasn’t true of the cookie pieces in this bar. I think this was because there were several tiny pieces rather than fewer larger ones and so they didn’t feel intrusive in the mouth and they were also able to provide an additional flavour. Furthermore, they maintained their crunch rather than going soft, and so the experience wasn’t too dissimilar to eating an actual biscuit following chocolate.

I thought this bar was a great introduction to the Hello range and, as expected from Lindt, it was great quality. I’m now even more keen to try the other flavours! 

Appearance: 9/10
Overall score:


  1. I have this in my cupboard and I cannot wait to try it! So delicious looking :D
    Have you tried the strawberry cheesecake flavour? It is utterly delicious
    Enjoyed reading your review as always

  2. Enjoy!

    I haven't tried the strawberry cheesecake flavour yet but it's in my supply and think it might be tonight's treat!

    Thanks very much :)


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