Saturday 10 August 2013

Lindt Hello My Name Is: Crunchy nougat

Product name: Lindt Hello My Name Is: Crunchy nougat 
Purchase details: £0.60 for a 39g bar (Sainsbury’s Local) 
Calories: 215 per bar
Country of origin:

Out of the new Lindt Hello My Name Is range, I was least excited about trying this Crunchy nougat variety. I’ve always associated nougat with a white or pale brown chewy and/or fluffy mass and, whilst I don’t dislike it, it’s not my favourite thing in the world. However, I still wanted to give this bar a go and was intrigued by the wrapper’s depiction of a darker brown filling.

The presentation of this bar was identical to that of Lindt Hello My Name Is: Cookies & cream (see here) except with blue tips on the wrapper instead of yellow. The contrast between the outer chocolate and the filling was also on a lesser scale but the product still looked very inviting.

I was taken aback by the smell of this chocolate as, whilst not strong, there was a definite praline element which I put down to the bar containing 3% hazelnut brittle. Another 3% was made up of wafer pieces and the crunch of these two ingredients were immediately felt when cutting into the chocolate, although I can’t say they were particularly visible.

As for the taste, I was very confused since 38% of the bar was made up of nougat, but all I could taste was the praline that the aroma had hinted at! I absolutely love praline, and the nuttiness here contrasted wonderfully with the milk chocolate, but I just couldn’t work out how this was nougat. Therefore, I headed over to the wonders of Wikipedia and discovered that there is a German kind of nougat made of a chocolate and nut praline, and where was this bar made? Germany. There you go – you learn something new every day!

As with the Cookies & cream bar, this Crunchy nougat version melted well in the mouth. However, I did find that that the hazelnut and wafer pieces made it a little bit too ‘bitty’. The chocolate and nougat were so lovely and soft but the praline just seemed to be full of these crispy pieces. However, I did really enjoy the flavours each ingredient contributed and found that the combination of the creamy praline and wafer, particularly, created a taste very similar to another favourite of mine: Ferrero Rocher.

I really did love the flavour of Lindt Hello My Name Is: Crunchy nougat but, as much as I can see that it’s important for the product name, I would have liked slightly less crunch. I didn’t dislike the bar’s texture, but I did find its bittiness slightly spoilt what was, otherwise, a fantastic product.

Overall score:

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