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Lindt Hello My Name Is: Caramel brownie

Product name: Lindt Hello My Name Is: Caramel brownie
Purchase details:  
£0.60 for a 39g bar (Sainsbury’s Local)
214 per bar
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It’s time for the last of my Lindt Hello My Name Is reviews and this one is for the orange-tipped variety: Caramel brownie.

Before reading the product description, and having glanced at the image on the wrapper, I’d assumed this would be a brownie/biscuit base topped with caramel and covered in the usual Lindt milk chocolate. However, the bar actually came described as ‘Filled milk chocolate with caramel (13%) and brownie cream (28%) with dark biscuit pieces (3%)’. I had no idea what brownie cream was but I couldn’t wait to find out!

The aroma of this bar was mainly of milk chocolate, although there was a slight cakey element which fitted the brownie theme. I was expecting the caramel to be really stringy and messy, especially as some of it had leaked out of the bar, but I was pleasantly surprised when my knife cut straight though the chocolate without ruining the appearance (although it was slightly more gooey when breaking the bar!). The colour of the brownie cream was only a subtly different shade of brown to the outer milk chocolate, and the golden caramel sat nicely on top of this. 

This bar had the strongest cocoa flavours of the Hello collection and I felt that the overall taste was probably about right for a brownie, with a slight bitterness but predominant chocolatiness. However, I did find this hard to judge when the main thing I associate with brownies is the texture rather than the taste. The caramel was less noticeable than I thought it would be but it definitely provided a slight sweetness.

I’ve already mentioned that, for me, the texture is the most important part of a brownie, and this obviously couldn’t be replicated exactly in a chocolate bar. However, I thought Lindt did a great job of reflecting the main qualities in this product. The caramel added a gooeyness that mirrored a brownie’s squidgy centre, whilst the biscuit pieces were the right consistency for the slightly crispy shell that a perfectly baked brownie has. The great thing, though, was that this bar was still very much a chocolate bar. The brownie cream had a truffle-like texture, and the caramel was really silky. This Caramel brownie flavour offered a slower melt than the other varieties in the range, but the biscuit pieces were also less bitty and so allowing the chocolate to melt was more worth the wait.

I did think that Lindt Hello My Name Is: Caramel brownie was the least innovative of the Hello range since it was effectively a fancier caramel chocolate but, as usual, Lindt did a good job in producing a great-tasting product. Whilst this was my least favourite of the four bars, I think it would be the safest option for a lot of people who are unsure which variety to try as it wasn't too sweet and it was certainly tasty. 

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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