Monday 26 August 2013

Ferrero Duplo

Product name: Ferrero Duplo
Purchase details:
£0.55 for an 18.2g bar (
Unsure – estimate 100 per bar
Country of origin:

I was slightly worried when I received this Ferrero Duplo bar in my latest Monster Sweets order since it had a cartoon fish on the wrapper as part of a promotion where each bar contained a sticker of an ocean creature. You may be wondering why this was a problem so I’d better explain that I have a pretty big fish phobia. This Nemo-style cartoon didn’t scare me, but I’ve never been so nervous opening a bar of chocolate in case there was something more sinister-looking inside. Thankfully, my sticker was just of a crab – still pretty ugly though!

Anyway, this Duplo fitted in with the Ferrero brand by using the same white and red colour scheme and identical font style as the Kinder line of products. This particular product was clearly marketed for children which is probably the reason why it was available in such a small size. Although no nutritional information was provided on the wrapper, MyFitnessPal predicts that this 18.2g bar contained 100 calories – perfect for dieters! Considering this, it was a pretty decent size too.

Since the German language isn’t my strong point, I relied on Monster Sweets' website for a product description and discovered this bar was ‘milk chocolate filled with wafer and a fine hazelnut cream’. With this in mind, I was hopeful for a taste experience not too dissimilar from Ferrero’s more famous Rocher chocolates.

This chocolate bar had a lovely, glossy, log-like appearance and, inside, contained far more wafer than cream. There was a slightly sweet, chocolatey smell but, bizarrely, there was no hint of nut in the aroma. Unfortunately, the same was true of the flavour which was ever-so-slightly nutty, but really, the cream was barely detectable. Instead, the main elements were the crispy wafer and fairly thick layer of smooth chocolate that provided a cocoa taste, although not a fantastic flavour.

It was possible to let this bar melt in the mouth but this caused the three layers to meld together and, for me, made the wafer a little too soft, so I preferred to chew the product.

If this had been a full-sized chocolate bar, I would have been disappointed as it just wasn’t sweet or nutty enough. However, assuming this bar was only 100 calories, I can’t really complain since it was a generous offering. It was the sort of chocolate that, in future, I’d use to get a quick fix rather than as a substantial snack to look forward to. 

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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