Sunday 11 August 2013

Lindt Hello My Name Is: Strawberry cheesecake

Product name: Lindt Hello My Name Is: Strawberry cheesecake
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£0.60 for a 39g bar (Sainsbury’s Local)
215 per bar
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Next up in my reviews of the Lindt Hello My Name Is range is this Strawberry cheesecake variety which is the one I was most intrigued by. Having recently tried a couple of yoghurt-based fruity chocolates (see Ritter Sport Himbeer-Cranberry Joghurt and Ritter Sport Erdbeer Vanille-Waffel), I wondered if this would be a similar experience or if it genuinely would taste like cheesecake.

The sophisticated presentation continued with this bar, with the Strawberry cheesecake flavour being indicated by the red tips on the black wrapper. I only had to open this a tiny bit to be greeted by a beautiful fruity smell. Whilst I wouldn’t say this smelt of real strawberries, I immediately associated the scent with the strawberries and cream Campino sweets I loved as a kid, and thought this boded well for a creamy taste.

Once again, when cutting into the soft chocolate to reveal its pale pink centre flecked with a darker shade of pink, the knife met with resistance – this time, from biscuit pieces which were obviously intended to replicate a cheesecake base.

Like the Cookies & cream and Crunchy nougat varieties, the milk chocolate was smooth and creamy and melted well on the tongue. The ‘strawberry cream cheese’ filling made up 45% of the bar (although only 1% was ‘cream cheese powder’, and real strawberries, respectively!) and was very sweet, making the cocoa taste almost bitter in comparison. It was a really nice combination and gave the chocolate shell more prominence compared to the role it played in the other flavours I’ve tried in the range. 

As for the 3% biscuit content, whilst the crunch was nice, I felt it didn’t provide the digestive base element I’d hoped for. Furthermore, I found there were a few too many pieces of biscuit in each square since, when letting a piece melt in my mouth, I nearly choked on the bits of biscuit that were left behind! However, this wasn’t a problem when chewing on the bar.

I really enjoyed this bar, on the whole, and thought the ratio of chocolate to strawberry was spot on. If I’m honest, the filling seemed more yoghurt- than cheesecake-like, but I also acknowledge that the presence of chocolate may have distracted from any cheesecake similarities.

I think that if the flavours of this bar were combined with the texture of the Cookies & cream bar (with the slightly larger biscuit pieces), this Strawberry cheesecake bar would be close to perfection!
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  1. Thanks for sharing your review, I will be trying some of these flavours, the strawberry cheesecake esp.


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