Thursday 31 July 2014

Ritter Sport Vanille-Mousse

Product name: Ritter Sport Vanille-Mousse
Purchase details:
£1.75 for a 100g bar (
146 per 25g serving (284 per bar)
Country of origin:

It’s about time I got around to eating this Ritter Sport Vanille-Mousse – it looked delicious in its slightly golden wrapper showing a deep vanilla mousse filling and an ice cream image to match.

There was no English on the packaging but, according to Google, ‘Unser sorte des jahres’ translates as ‘our species of the year’...I’m sure you get the gist! The wonders of the internet also taught me that the product was ‘whipped vanilla mousse in milk chocolate’ and that it had ‘large pieces for more mousse-pleasure’.

The bar came in nine large squares so was very much like the Kakao-Mousse in appearance – it simply had a deep and enticing pale cream filling with specks of vanilla instead of a dark brown one. I did think it was silly that a serving was supposed to be a quarter of the bar when it couldn’t be split into four pieces but, as I was eating it all anyway, I didn’t let that bother me! I also didn’t let the tarnished chocolate affect my scoring because that was entirely my fault for not keeping the bar cool enough in the recent heatwave...I refuse to store chocolate in the fridge on principle!

The bar had a creamy chocolate aroma but, unfortunately, this wasn’t infused with an element of vanilla despite the filling making up 40% of the product.

Thankfully, it tasted delicious! The centre was just like ice cream, if a little less sweet, and it even had a similarly liquidy texture. However, it was a bit grainier than ice cream, and it obviously wasn’t cold either!

Whilst my experience of the chocolate shell wasn’t the norm due to the heat damage, it did mean I could easily peel it off and sample it on its own. It had a lovely sweet flavour with a deep cocoa element mixed in – it actually reminded me of chocolate cake mixture which is testament to how nice it was! It was the chocolate that was the main feature of the bar but its flavour did go very well with the vanilla mousse too.

The bar had a thick melt and I loved letting the liquid pop out of the middle. The squares were a bit too big to suck on for long but, to be honest, I found I didn’t need to anyway.

This Ritter Sport treat felt really indulgent. If I could change one thing, it would be to make the mousse a little creamier as, at times, the overall taste was maybe a bit too sweet. However, it was still gorgeous exactly as it was.

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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