Monday 7 July 2014

McVitie's Hobnobs: Flapjacks (nobbly)

Product name: McVitie’s Hobnobs: Flapjacks (nobbly)
Purchase details:
£0.65 for a 170g packet of five flapjacks (
151 per 35g flapjack
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Tonight’s review will only be short as these nobbly McVitie’s Hobnobs: Flapjacks were almost identical to the milk choc ones – they just came in an orange wrapper and without a topping!

Despite the overall product description being the same, the quantities were slightly adjusted in this recipe to fill the gap the chocolate had previously filled: the rolled oats took up 45% of each bar rather than 41%, there was 13% golden syrup instead of 12%, 10% butter over 9%, and 28% ‘Hobnob biscuit pieces’ in place of the milk choc's 25%.

The lack of chocolate (and slightly higher biscuit content) meant the plain flapjack looked a bit crumbier. However, its scent was unchanged.

Although the taste was basically the same, the lack of chocolate actually allowed me to appreciate the base flavour more, and the syrupy kick it had. I wasn’t expecting this outcome since I hadn’t found the chocolate to be very noticeable on the milk choc version but it obviously did make some difference, no matter how small!

I also found that this nobbly flapjack felt a bit moister whilst still allowing an added crisp from the biscuit pieces to break through.

Another enjoyable little treat!

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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