Friday 18 July 2014

Ben & Jerry's Core: All or nut-ting

Product name: Ben & Jerry’s Core: All or nut-ting
Purchase details:
£3.00 for a 500ml tub (
250 per 100ml serving

I’ve been dead good today and not jumped on the bandwagon of commenting on social media about the weather. However, I have used the heat as an excuse to finally open this much-anticipated tub of Ben & Jerry’s Core: All or nut-ting that’s been sat in the freezer for a few months now.

This product, made for the UK and Ireland, featured some of the same elements I loved about the Dough-ble whammy version: it had a clever name, was Fairtrade, and consisted of two ice cream flavours (chocolate and hazelnut) and a separate core (chocolatey hazelnut!). The tub also had the same cool (no pun intended) design that showed the make-up of these sections within the pot.

As previously, a 100ml serving was described as being the equivalent of two scoops, but I hadn’t realised before that this also translated as 85g. I’m not sure if this was a change on the packaging or whether I just completely missed it on the Dough-ble whammy. Anyway, I found this a lot more helpful in terms of my diet plan, and it meant it didn’t matter that I practically chiselled the ice cream out of the tub at points when I was unable to get ‘clean’ scoops.

The difference between each section’s colours wasn’t quite as defined in this variety but they did remain distinct. I loved the jaggedness of the ‘chocolatey chunks’ (3%) too.

As a frozen product, the scent was minimal, but ever-so-slightly nutty. The ice cream itself contained 25% cream so, as you can imagine, it tasted wonderful. The hazelnut side was like a liquid version of the inside of a Kinder Bueno, whilst the chocolate had the exact same rich flavour that was on offer with the Dough-ble whammy.

The core’s (12%) texture remained as fantastic and fudgy as it had been previously. However, it had an additional and incredibly strong hazelnut taste (4% of the whole product was hazelnut paste). It was like a thick, sticky and bitter version of Nutella and it was delicious.

All the elements combined were, unsurprisingly, fantastic. The mix of chocolate and hazelnut was great and the chocolate chunks added extra interest and a further chocolatey kick.

Whether eaten melted or a bit more solid, this was another wonderful product from Ben & Jerry’s. Having loved the Dough-ble whammy so much, though, I must confess that I missed the clumps of cookie dough! 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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