Monday 21 July 2014

Soek Baby Koala (milk)

Product name: Soek Baby Koala (milk)
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a 60g box (
47 per 10g bag (282 per box)
Country of origin:

I spotted this box of Soek Baby Koala milk flavoured biscuits online and, despite never having seen or heard of them before, I really wanted to see what they were like. They were clearly aimed at kids (if not older babies!) but I’m not going to lie...I loved the cute koala cartoon and pictures of the filled biscuit pillows on the box.

Having purchased the product, I realised they were going to be pretty much identical to Meiji Hello Panda (milk) that I tried at some point before I started my blog. I enjoyed these, though, so this wasn’t a problem. However, after yesterday’s realisation with Glico Pocky: Milk flavour that milk itself isn’t exactly the most exciting flavouring in the world, I wasn’t sure just how good these would be.

The biscuits were made by Jiangmen City Yolan Foods Co. Ltd and imported by J K Foods. On opening the box, I realised that the snacks were actually split across six 10g bags, each containing five biscuits. Since I couldn’t be bothered recalculating my calories, and these were clearly childlike portions, I decided to go for it and eat the lot! I must say, though, that the inner packaging was really good quality – it was just a shame that the quantity of it wasn’t particularly environmentally friendly.

Each pillow had a cute drawing of different koalas on the front and were filled with a solidified yet soft centre that contained milk powder (contributing to 6% of overall product). I did think the corners of each biscuit looked close to being burnt but this wasn’t really the case.

The Baby Koalas had a really similar scent to Glico Pocky: Milk flavour but with an additional input from the very crispy biscuits. The filling was quite moist but I felt, in proportion to the biscuit shells, there wasn’t much of it. However, I didn’t find any of the mouthfuls I had became too dry either.

The biscuit had a nice, sweet flavour, but the filling didn’t quite match up to this in terms of enjoyment. I think the reality was that, once again, milk just wasn’t the most interesting flavour inspiration. However, pushing that aside, I really enjoyed the overall taste which was like an innocent and lighter version of a custard cream.

At the risk of never properly growing up, I really want to buy these again!

Appearance: 9/10
Overall score:

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