Thursday 17 July 2014

Cadbury Fingers (white chocolate)

Product name: Cadbury Fingers (white chocolate)
Purchase details:
£0.99 for a 125g box (Tesco)
100 per four finger serving (25 per finger)
Country of origin:

One of the things I love about loyalty cards is the way they send you discount coupons based on previous purchases. In this case, Tesco kindly sent me a Clubcard voucher for £0.50 off Cadbury Fingers, and I was delighted to get this generous serving of ‘crisp biscuits covered with Cadbury white chocolate’ for £0.49, as a result.

I remember the day I fell in love with these biscuits. There were loads of them on a buffet table and I just couldn’t stop myself going back for more and more – they were so delicious! At the time, they were sold under the Dream brand. I’m not sure when this changed but I did notice that the inner cellophane still had the word ‘Dream’ printed on it. Despite the emergence of, technically, more ‘interesting’ Fingers varieties in recent years (such as Fabulous (praline)), this simpler version has remained my firm favourite.

I loved the dominoes effect used for the personified illustration of the biscuits, on the purple box, and the real things looked good too. Beneath the white chocolate coating (42%), the biscuits themselves were two-tone, with a slightly golden edge standing out against their paler centres.

Made by Burton’s Biscuit Co., Cadbury described how, ‘with every bite, you’ll experience a delightful combination of creamy Cadbury white chocolate and crunchy biscuit centre’. To be honest, there’s not much I can add to that! The chocolate had a lovely, deep vanilla scent, tasted really creamy (as promised), and had hints of vanilla too. I found it particularly impressive that its flavour remained just as strong when chewing as it did when allowing the slightly grainy melt to unfold. 

In comparison, the biscuit was quite plain and tasted like a cross between rich tea and shortbread. However, it absorbed the chocolate’s sweetness nicely, and it certainly did add the intended crunch.

I may have grown up but these Cadbury Fingers (white chocolate) were as enjoyable as I remembered. If calories didn’t exist, I’d quite happily sit and eat box after box!

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:


  1. I find it impossible to open a box of these without eating the lot!

    1. Haha that makes me feel more restrained with my one or two at a time! They do have such an addictive element to them though...

  2. Awrr now I'm craving them!


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