Sunday 13 July 2014

Ritter Sport White + Crisp

Product name: Ritter Sport White + Crisp
Purchase details:
£0.75 for a 100g bar (99p Stores)
536 per bar
Country of origin:

I don’t know what’s up with my memory but this bar of Ritter Sport White + Crisp, like the White Whole Hazelnuts, was a variety I thought I’d tried before. As a result, I didn’t pick it up at the same time as the Espresso, so I had to make a special return trip to buy the bargain once I’d realised my mistake!

From the name, it would be easy to assume that this bar would be like an interesting white chocolate and higher quality version of the Nestlé Crunch and, in many ways, it was. However as well as containing 6% ‘crispy rice’, another 6% of the bar was ‘crunchy roasted cornflakes’. As usual, I was able to find the nutritional information on the Ritter Sport website.

The cream wrapper was similar to the White Whole Hazelnuts but lacked the cool effect of making the packaging look like the chocolate itself. The bar’s appearance wasn’t far off the Weisse Cocos, either, although there was an abundance of orange cornflakes in addition to the rice cereal. I particularly loved the strange sensation of breaking up the 16 squares since they had a solid snap, with a real crisp right in the middle, and this allowed pieces of cornflake to poke out at random.

The white chocolate had a rich and milky scent which was a little sickly but, in terms of taste, it was nothing short of beautiful and strong. It was so crammed full of bits that it had a really hard texture which, at times, made it feel like it contained more cereal than chocolate! I really did love the crispiness of it all, though, and it reminded me of a non-gooey version of the Chocolate crispy bites I made last year.

As usual, I tried sucking on some of the squares too, with limited success. The top of the chocolate melted nicely as this contained less cereal but the base was a bit painful so I found I had to keep shifting its position! I tended to give up after a while and chew on the remainder but this was totally worth it as the chocolatey cereal was still very enjoyable.

I never expect to not enjoy a Ritter Sport product but I couldn’t work out what it was about this apparently simple concept that made it so very special. Then it hit reminded me of one of my long-term favourites – the Nestlé Kit Kat: Chunky (white choc).

Love, love, love, love, LOVE!

Appearance: 8.5/10
Overall score:

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  1. This is perhaps the best bar that Ritter Sport produce. They sell the large ones in Lidl.


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