Tuesday 1 July 2014

Nestlé Butterfinger: Bar

Product name: Nestlé Butterfinger: Bar
270 per 59.5g bar
Country of origin:

This Nestlé Butterfinger: Bar was a gift from my brother-in-law because he’s nice like that...I think he got it from Tesco!

Although I’ve reviewed the Crisp and Peanut butter cups from the Butterfinger range before, I’d only ever had the Bar once, and this was before I had a blog. My memories of it were ones of enjoyment but it didn’t become a favourite due to its ‘peanut-buttery’ features being ‘crispety, crunchety’ – I prefer the smooth stuff to the brittle!

Imported by Empire Food Brokers Ltd, the long Bar featured the usual yellow and blue branding, and was described as having a ‘chocolate flavour’ rather than being coated in real chocolate. It also listed GM ingredients but, on the plus side, the ground roasted peanuts and cornflakes it contained sounded good.

I remember being a bit disturbed by the orange shade of the peanut butter in the Peanut butter cups but I’d clearly forgotten this was the usual shade of an actual Butterfinger! My bar had actually broken in two so its hard, shiny and slightly crystallised inner appearance was immediately noticeable beneath the milky-looking outer coating that felt waxy and melty between the fingers.

The snack produced a pretty strong smell – one of chocolate and peanut butter combined but with a sweet, buttery depth. It was initially hard to bite into but the bar did then give way with a real crunch. It felt very much like a hardened butter tablet since the peanut butter centre tended to crumble with a powdery sensation. However, the filling did also stick to the back teeth during the chewing process, providing another dimension to the experience. Overall, the texture was better than I remembered it, although I’d still opt for peanut butter in non-brittle form when given the choice.

In terms of flavour, the chocolatey coating wasn’t particularly strong but it did mix in with the general experience. The peanut butter’s taste was relatively gentle but its saltiness came through, resulting in a good overall balance of sweet, salty and nutty tastes.

Despite being pretty big, this Nestlé Butterfinger: Bar was gone in no time – it was very addictive and I have no intention to leave it as long before I have my next one!

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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