Friday 4 July 2014

Mrs. Freshley's Mini Donuts: Frosted

Product name: Mrs. Freshley’s Mini Donuts: Frosted
Purchase details:
£2.50 for a 94g packet of six doughnuts (A Quarter of Sweets)
440 per pack
Country of origin:

It’s been a few weeks now since I reviewed the Crunch and Cinnamon versions of Mrs. Freshley’s Mini Donuts, but I’ve finally got around to trying the Frosted version too.

Distributed by Flowers Foods Speciality Group, I expected the coating to make them the heaviest variety, but they were actually lighter than the Cinnamon ones. However, they did contain the most calories!

The thick, generously distributed and very dark frosting looked like chocolate and, on reading the ingredients, I saw that it did contain cocoa but that its main ingredient was sugar. I loved how this had been allowed to fill the doughnuts’ holes, forming mini columns in their centres, and the contrast with the pale inner dough made the frosting look almost black in colour.

The product smelt very much like chocolate coated doughnuts as soon as I opened the purple-themed packet and I was hoping that the waxy-feeling coating would provide a Magnum-like crack. In reality, I liked the way the solidity of the frosting combined with the soft dough, although the two did just merge together rather than the frosting cracking apart.

Once again boasting a new and improved recipe, I was expecting the dough itself to remain unchanged. It certainly had the same good, sweet and doughy flavour, and this went nicely with the more bitter and chocolatey coating. However, I found that the dough felt pretty dry and had no spring to it, which was a shame. Thankfully, though, the smooth, cool frosting helped distract from this.

This was another decent experience with ‘long-life’ doughnuts although I’d definitely prefer a fresh one when given the choice!

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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