Friday 1 August 2014

Dubble (white chocolate)

Product name: Dubble (white chocolate)
Purchase details:
£0.65 for a 33g bar (Oxfam)
185 per bar
Country of origin:

You may remember I recently said ‘goodbye’ to an old favourite of mine: the Dubble (milk chocolate). What I didn’t mention at the time was that I’d also managed to pick up the white chocolate version which was added to the brand more recently and that I’d never tried before.

As with the milk chocolate version, this ‘chunky white chocolate’ bar by Divine Chocolate Ltd was Fairtrade, and £0.02 from the sale of every one was donated to Comic Relief.

The product’s design was unchanged but it came in a creamy yellow colour that matched the wrapper. The chocolate contained a minimum of 33% milk solids and produced a sweetened milk scent. It also had a complementary, great white chocolate flavour that was sweet and milky but not sickly.

The bar generally felt the same to suck as the milk chocolate had done but, on this occasion, the chocolate had a smooth but slightly rubbery feel on the tongue. To chew, the rice (6%) still provided a crispy texture but, interestingly, the slight chewiness remained despite this variety’s cereal not containing honey. Although the texture was preferable when chewing, it did result in a less creamy flavour, and I found it also added an almost metallic element to the overall sweetness.

If I’m honest, I thought I’d enjoy the Dubble (white chocolate) more than I did. However, for a simple bar, it was still good. Unfortunately, the way of the world means it seemed expensive for what you got, but then that’s inevitable with Fairtrade products as the whole point is to ensure producers earn a fair price for their output. Like most people, I love a bargain, but it’s all too easy to forget that, often, our cheap purchases result in someone, somewhere, losing out on the income they deserve. I suspect this is why the Dubble bars are no longer in production – they just couldn’t keep up with the more popular but less ethical chocolate products on the market. I only hope the same thing doesn’t happen with the other Divine products.

Food for thought!
Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:


  1. I never realized Dubble had been discontinued, what a shame :( Didn't know there was a white choc version either! I think Divine will stick around.

    1. Yeah, they've stopped production in the last couple of months :( If you had head to an Oxfam sooner rather than later, though, you might still be able to grab some :)

      I knew the white chocolate version existed but had never seen one in real life!

      I think and hope you're right about Divine. Their bars are a bit more 'posh', appeal to a wider target market, and seem to be priced more in-line with other bars of a similar quality. It would be a great shame if they disappeared too!


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