Friday 11 July 2014

Fox's Velvety: Caramel & honeycomb cream

Product name: Fox’s Velvety: Caramel & honeycomb cream
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a 130g packet of biscuits (Tesco)
104 per biscuit
Country of origin:

I’m assuming they’re not new but, before I spotted them on offer, I’d never seen these Fox’s Velvety: Caramel & honeycomb cream biscuits. I thought the cream packaging featuring illustrations that showed off a thick inner cream layer and caramel centre looked fabulous so I couldn’t resist giving them a try.

This ‘luv-verly’ product was, in my opinion, on the high side in terms of calories per biscuit, but they did appear to be of the kind that you get in tins at Christmas so I was willing to make the sacrifice!

On removing a biscuit from the pack, I was delighted to find that the ‘soft honeycomb cream with a gooey caramel middle on a shortcake biscuit base’ looked very much like the image on the wrapper. The caramel (4%) looked a bit thicker whilst the cream appeared slightly thinner, although this was due to compression since I felt it squash as I cut it in two. Even so, it was still clearly visible, and I could see through the milk chocolate (50%) that it had been piped thickly into a flower shape.

The honeycomb cream had the strongest scent but this was mixed in with the chocolate, resulting in a sickly sweet aroma. Taste-wise, it provided a generally sweet, creamy and chocolatey flavour and this reminded me a bit of an old favourite chocolate bar of mine – Fox’s Classic: Original.

I really enjoyed the texture and the way the extremely soft centre collapsed into the crumbly biscuit as I chewed. I probably would have preferred the shortcake to be a bit crispier but this wasn’t really an issue.

The caramel was thick and stringy but didn’t have the most powerful flavour in the world. However, just when I was thinking the biscuits would have tasted as delicious with only the honeycomb cream, I decided to dip one of them into a cup of tea. What can I say? It was delicious! As well as the outer chocolate melting slightly, the caramel flavour became much more apparent.

These biscuits were definitely on the more indulgent side for me and they were totally worth the higher-than-normal calorie content. 

Appearance: 8.5/10
Overall score:


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    1. They're very good-looking biscuits aren't they?! And they DO taste yummy :)


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