Sunday 29 June 2014

Tyrrell's Apple Crisps: Smashingly cinnamony

Product name: Tyrrell’s Apple Crisps: Smashingly cinnamony
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£0.15 for a 30g bag (Home Bargains)
152 per bag
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I don’t usually have fruit or vegetable crisps – not because I don’t like them but because they’re not as widely available as potato ones and they tend to be more expensive. I just couldn’t say ‘no’ to this absolute bargain bag of Tyrrell’s Apple Crisps: Smashingly cinnamony, though – I love cinnamon and the promise that ‘the light dusting of this thoroughly cockle-warming spice’ gave ‘the apple slices a rather, jolly apple pie-ish quality’ was just too good to refuse.

I was rather taken with the red and white gingham background used for the bag’s design since it gave the product a picnic feel. I also liked the use of the black and white photo at the top of the packaging which made it look like the man was using the big red apple as a golf ball. As with the Proper Popcorn: Sticky toffee, the information on the back was presented in a fun way. Due to using whole apples for the ‘cinnamon seasoned apple crisps’, it warned of pips and stalks, and it also suggested another alternative five a day.

The ‘delicately cooked’ crisps were presented as thin, dried slices with a ruby red skin. Their natural nature meant they were all different shapes and sizes, and they looked very rustic with their visible flecks of cinnamon. I could totally understand the connection with apple pie from the scent alone since this was one of deep cinnamon, slightly overtaken by the tangy apple.

At first, I didn’t think the crisps tasted of much – they were almost papery. However, the apple’s tang came through at the end of the first mouthful and I also became aware of the lovely cinnamon seasoning. I then found that, the more I ate, the more the flavours developed, providing a really warming experience. Even better was the way that the dry texture gave a pastry feel which, again, was reminiscent of apple pie. The crisps also had a delicious sweetness. I was hoping this was all natural but sugar was listed as a separate ingredient on the pack and I also found that some of the crisps nearer the bottoms of the bag had visible granules. Oh was still fruit!

Texturally, the crisps were far crispier than I ever could have imagined when considering how juicy apples are when they’re raw. They were extremely satisfying although, combined with their thin nature, some of them did have sharp edges. There was also a slight chewiness mixed in for good measure which I think may have been provided by the rind. 

I guess the only thing left to say is that these Tyrrell’s Apple Crisps were thoroughly enjoyable and I’ll definitely buy them again!

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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