Saturday 1 March 2014

Milky Way Chocolate Milk

Product name: Milky Way Chocolate Milk
Purchase details:
£0.39 for a 180ml carton (B&M)
140 per carton

I’ve bought an unusual amount of milk-based drinks recently so, for today’s review, it’s the turn of Milky Way Chocolate Milk. Simply described as a ‘chocolate milk drink’, I wasn’t quite sure how the nougat centre of a Milky Way bar would be incorporated, but at £0.39, I thought it would be worth a try! 

Produced by Mars for the UK and Ireland (once again, no actual country of manufacture was stated!), this drink came in a tall, slim carton which carried the usual Space-themed Milky Way design, with the addition of a splash of milk at the bottom. Since the drink contained 90% milk and less than 5% added sugar, it met government regulations for use in schools, and it was also a source of calcium and protein, with no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives either. 

The drink’s brown colour had the very slight purple tinge that was present in Frijj Fudge Brownie and it had a pretty decent chocolate milk smell too. 

As instructed, I consumed the Chocolate Milk after it had been chilled and shaken, and I found it had a fairly creamy taste with a rich, slightly sickly sweet chocolatey taste mixed in. Since no flavourings were listed on the ingredients list, it seemed the taste came entirely from sugar and cocoa powder, suggesting that the milk itself was the only thing remotely representing the inside of a Milky Way.  

Since this was a flavoured milk rather than a milkshake, its texture was very liquidy – there wasn’t even any resistance through the straw. However, although it was predominantly smooth, I did find it had a starchy feel to it too. 

I felt this drink was much the same as any other chocolate milk. There’s no denying it was flavoursome but, why it was carrying the Milky Way brand name, I’m not quite sure. 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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