Friday 21 March 2014

Cadbury Dairy Milk: Freddo (popping candy)

Product name: Cadbury Dairy Milk: Freddo (popping candy)
Purchase details:
£0.10 for an 18g bar (Home Bargains)
95 per bar
Country of origin:

Let’s be honest...I only bought this bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk: Freddo (popping candy) because when do you ever see Freddos for sale at the traditional price of £0.10 these days?! I hadn’t actually had a Freddo since I was a teenager, and I’d never had one containing popping candy, so I thought it was time I gave it a go.

I bought this bar over the festive period which is why the purple wrapper had the knitted theme and some snowflakes. It also featured the cute Freddo frog who was wearing different colours on different wrappers (I went for blue as it’s my favourite!).

The chocolate itself was also shaped like the frog but I did feel its appearance was spoilt slightly by lots of little marks – this was probably a result of the popping candy itself but I still felt it made it look less appealing.

Made by Mondelez, this was the standard Dairy Milk chocolate that contained 23% cocoa solids and 20% milk solids. In addition, though, 6% of the bar was popping candy. I actually couldn’t quite believe what a difference 6% made – the texture of the bar was rougher and crunchier and, whether melting or chewing, the popping sensation was felt throughout the mouth.

Thankfully, the quality and strength of the chocolate’s scent and flavour had not been compromised, with the candy being small enough to allow the chocolate to still feel chunky and contribute to a lovely, creamy taste.

I do prefer the unadulterated texture of a standard Dairy Milk bar (Freddo or otherwise!) but this was still a nice change. 

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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