Thursday 27 March 2014

Nestlé Milkybar: Mini eggs

Product name: Nestlé Milkybar: Mini eggs
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a 100g bag (
101 per seven sweet serving (503 per bag)

I’m sure I first had these Nestlé Milkybar: Mini eggs a few years ago but, if I did, I’ve definitely only ever had them once, so I thought it was about time I tried them again! Since most products of this nature contain milk chocolate, I loved that this product consisted of ‘white chocolate mini eggs in a crisp sugar shell’ instead.

I really liked the bag these Mini eggs came in. It followed the usual red and pale yellow theme of the Milkybar brand and featured an illustration of the Milkybar Kid riding a horse carrying a basket of the eggs and also pulling a cow and some chicks – very child-friendly.

The sweets were made for the UK and Ireland and contained ‘all natural ingredients’. The white chocolate contributed to 63% of the overall product but the hard shells were still pretty thick and very difficult to cut into! These shells were smooth, glossy and a very pale cream in colour and, whilst the inner chocolate wasn’t massively different in shade, it did look more yellow in comparison.

The Mini eggs had a milky white chocolate scent with an added sugary element and the chocolate itself was the usual Milkybar kind. I can’t say I actually eat Milkybar products much these days but these eggs did leave me wondering why! The chocolate had a really strong vanilla taste that actually reminded me of Magnum ice cream – it was very creamy and sweet.

The outer shells were fairly sweet to suck but not in the same was as Cadbury Mini Eggs – presumably due to the absence of a dusty coating. However, the shells did still add a little bit of extra sweetness, and they were also incredibly crispy. Combined with the chunky chocolate in these fat little sweets, I really enjoyed the texture, although they did become quite hard work to chew when eating the whole pack in one go - it was worth it, though!

These Milkybar: Mini eggs were incredibly moreish and reignited my sadness over the loss of the old Milkybar: Munchies. Please bring them back, Nestlé!

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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