Monday 24 March 2014

Terry's Chocolate Orange: White

Product name: Terry’s Chocolate Orange: White
180 per four segment serving (455 per half Orange)

This Terry’s Chocolate Orange: White was yet another gift I received from Santa last year and, as one of my favourite products, it was one of the best ones too! I was particularly delighted that this was the standard version rather than the Smasher variety that’s been on sale in the past – for me, the tutti frutti pieces it contained detracted from the enjoyment. I was so excited about this unadulterated version, though, that I actually had a dream about it the night before I knew I was going to open it! (In my defence, it had been a few years since I’d last had one...)

The white chocolate version of the Chocolate Orange was very much as the same concept and design as the Milk one. It simply came in a cream-coloured box that was covered in snowflakes, and the chocolate itself was obviously cream in colour too. I thought it looked more attractive in white – what a babe.

Again, the product was made for the UK and Ireland by Mondelez, but this ‘white chocolate flavoured with real orange’ was slightly lighter (170g) and contained fewer calories too. However, it still contained ‘real orange oil’ and its description made my mouth water: ‘white in chocolate, orangey in essence’.

The Orange didn’t smell any different to the milk chocolate version but, since this meant it had a delicious aroma, this was in no way a bad thing. Both versions also had the same fabulous texture.

The initial taste from the Chocolate Orange: White was much creamier which meant that the orange flavour that it was blended with tasted more sugary sweet in comparison. I also felt that there was less of a tang, although this was still present. The white chocolate itself didn’t have the strongest of flavours since the orange hid this but there was certainly a hint of it – I would have liked it to have been creamier still but I realise this would be difficult to achieve with the orange. The latter was already not as intense in flavour as it was in the Milk Orange, but it was still prominent, so it would be a shame to fiddle with this winning formula.

As expected, I thoroughly enjoyed this white chocolate Terry’s Chocolate Orange. However, I was surprised that I no longer thought it tasted better than the milk chocolate variety. They taste different, and they’re both great in their own ways, but I didn’t find the white chocolate’s flavour stood out as much as I remembered.

Appearance: 8.5/10
Overall score:

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