Sunday 23 March 2014

Nestlé Kit Kat: Chunky (white choc)

Product name: Nestlé Kit Kat: Chunky (white choc)
Purchase details:
£0.29 for a 48g bar or four for £1.00 (Home Bargains)
250 per bar

I like to take credit for the current availability of the peanut butter and white chocolate versions of the Nestlé Kit Kat: Chunky bars. You see, a few years ago, I did something I’d not done before or since – I e-mailed Nestlé to see if these two fabulous varieties could be brought back because I missed them so much. I still have the e-mail response I received on 26th November 2011, informing me that, to their knowledge, there were no plans to bring back these bars, but my comments would be passed on. Fast forward two months, to January 2012, and there was suddenly the first Chunky Champion campaign that featured both of my beloved flavours – no need to thank me!

Anyway, here is my review for the limited edition white choc bar, which was made for the UK and Ireland. This ‘crispy wafer finger covered with white chocolate’ came in a simple but effective white chocolate-coloured wrapper that looked lovely.

The bar itself was the usual Chunky shape and size and, although this particular bar wasn’t perfectly formed (there was an air bubble on the base and weird black speck on the side), it looked lovely and fresh and the chocolate’s colour contrasted nicely with the inner wafer.

The bar had a mild but creamy scent and the thick outer layer had a delicious white chocolate flavour, with hints of sweet vanilla, and a lovely creamy melt. The wafer was the standard kind with quite a sugary filling and I loved how these two elements of the bar went together.

In a lot of ways, this white choc Chunky was much like the mint one, but I found the white chocolate didn’t just provide a preferable flavour, but an improved texture too.

Now, Nestlé, if you’re still listening to me, please could we have a white chocolate coated peanut butter Chunky next? Thanking you!

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:


  1. I love these, my local newsagent still has them sometimes, as well as a four finger non chunky version. I might have to pop in tomorrow as this post has given me a craving. xx

  2. I lost my comment dammit- My local newsagent sells these and the regular (non chunked up) four finger version. Popping in to get some tomorrow thanks to your post and my cravings! xx

    1. Haha awesome! Just make sure they're the UK version - I made the mistake of getting a Polish one once and it just wasn't the same :(


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