Monday 17 March 2014

Choceur Smooth Praline

Product name: Choceur Smooth Praline
222 for a 40g bar

I’m still wading through my Christmas presents (it’s a hard life!) and, after the success of Choceur Smooth White, I was really looking forward to sampling this Smooth Praline bar. Once again, it was made for Aldi stores in the UK and Ireland but, this bar was a single serving size.

This ‘milk chocolate with a smooth hazelnut filling’ came in a navy blue wrapper that contained an illustration of the thin bar. The praline accounted for 42% of the product (although this layer actually looked pretty minimal!) and 12% was the ground hazelnuts within this. Although the pieces were a lot less chunky than the Smooth White, they still contained the ‘S’-shaped design, and this was embossed on the inner foil wrapper too.

The bar broke apart softly but, unfortunately, there was no nutty scent – just a chocolate one. The praline centre only looked slightly different to the chocolate, in that it was a bit smoother and paler, but I soon discovered it made a bigger impact on the taste buds.

The chocolate contained a minimum of 32% cocoa solids and 18% milk solids and, when sat on the tongue, tasted fine. However, it didn’t have the same effect on me that the white chocolate did! The good news was, it had another smooth but thick melt which the nut flavour suddenly burst through, combined with a creaminess.

I found the praline’s texture to be a bit truffle-like and the bar was lovely and soft to chew. I much preferred to eat it this way, despite the nice melting texture, because it allowed the praline’s tasty and rich flavour to fill the mouth.

This was definitely another hit from the Choceur range. For me, it wasn’t as good as the Smooth White, but I did enjoy the overall flavour on offer and I loved how the praline really was smooth rather than containing bitty pieces of nut.

 Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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