Saturday 15 March 2014

Connoisseur Cadenza: Chocolate

Product name: Connoisseur Cadenza: Chocolate
Purchase details:
£0.89 for a 200g tin (Home Bargains)
126 per three wafer serving (42 per wafer)
Country of origin:

A few weeks ago I reviewed Connoisseur Cadenza: Cookies and cream and now it’s the turn of the Chocolate version which was very much the same idea – these wafers simply came in a deep pink tin and were ‘folded with smooth cream and chocolate’.

Produced, once more, for Seasonal Supplies, I was pleased to see that the inner plastic bag was brown on this occasion – still unusual but at least more attractive than the white one the Cookies and cream version had been stored in! The wafers themselves looked nicer, too, with the addition of wide pale stripes on the outside, and a (partial) filling that looked like solid chocolate rather than a stringy grey gloop.

I found the aroma to be very similar to the Cookies and cream with a vanilla scent once more seeping through the plastic bag. However, this time, I didn’t find it as strong from a distance, although I also felt it smelt a bit more natural. There was a very slight hint of chocolate mixed in but this really was minimal.

This product consisted of 6% cocoa powder and I did find that the filling had a strong chocolate flavour. However, this wasn’t pure, and I was surprised that its texture turned out to be really soft, thick and worm-like, with a long length running through each tube.

The combined texture of these Chocolate wafers was fabulously crispy and, with the soft centre, very much the same as last time. As an added bonus, the wafers themselves added a sweet flavour on this occasion, so I found them that little bit more enjoyable.

As before, I wouldn’t use the word ‘luxury’ in relation to this product, but I certainly can’t complain about what they offered. They were a satisfying and pleasant-tasting snack at a very reasonable price!

 Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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