Sunday 9 March 2014

Cadbury Chomp

Product name: Cadbury Chomp
120 for a 23.5g bar
Country of origin:

This Cadbury Chomp was another product included in the Christmas selection pack I got last year. I can’t say I was a huge fan of the product name since I hate noisy eating, but I guess this was aimed at kids rather than adults, anyway! 

The bar came in a child-friendly red wrapper with yellow writing and I did like how the letter ‘C’ was made to look like a mouth about to take a bite. I was a bit bemused at the point of this bar, though, having read the product description and realised it was word-for-word the same as the Cadbury Curlywurly – this time, the ‘milk chocolate with a caramel centre’ simply consisted of 70% caramel instead of 69%! 

What this bar did prove, though, was how much of a difference shape can make. It may have smelt and looked the same (inwardly) as the Curlywurly, but the flat rectangular design (with no holes!) meant it was far easier to allow the textured chocolate to melt and, therefore, leave behind the caramel. This was ever-so-slightly rough to suck on but, on the whole, it was smooth. It did get thinner and thinner but I don’t really have much patience with caramel so I tended to give up and chew to finish it off.  

I had thought the caramel felt a bit more stringy to cut through than the Curlywurly had but the difference was far greater in the mouth. It was ridiculously chewy, really, with each mouthful seeming to take forever to swallow! However, the buttery and fairly deep sugary taste from the caramel (and the standard chocolate taste) seemed to taste the same so this change seemed purely down to having a greater quantity of caramel in the mouth at once (the bar itself was larger too, of course). This increase in size also meant the caramel tasted stronger in the back of the throat which, again, was something I didn’t enjoy as much. 

As with the Curlywurly, I didn’t love this Chomp bar, but that was mainly due to my preference of non-chewy products. It certainly wasn’t disgusting – just not something I’d choose. 

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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