Thursday 27 February 2014

Terry's Chocolate Orange: Milk

Product name: Terry’s Chocolate Orange: Milk
185 per four segment serving (459 per half Orange) 

Terry’s Chocolate I love thee! This Milk version was part of one of the Christmas presents I received last year and I couldn’t wait to tuck into it. 

For anyone not familiar with the concept (you poor things!), this popular product was milk chocolate infused with ‘REAL orange oil’ and shaped to look like an orange, complete with 20 ‘pithy’, Terry’s logo-imprinted segments, and an orange foil wrapper. The 175g ball of happiness was served in a plastic tray within a blue box and was made by Mondelez for the UK and Ireland market (exactly where it was produced, it didn’t say). 

I don’t actually tend to eat real oranges – I like the flavour but the texture doesn’t really appeal to me and I find them too messy and sticky to enjoy properly. Thankfully, there was no such problem with this Chocolate Orange, and I’ll just pretend it could still be counted as one of my five-a-day. 

This classic Christmas gift had a great, strong, orangey smell which was both sweet and tangy. I loved the attention to detail given to its design but I did think the chocolate wasn’t quite as glossy as it could have been. Although the packaging no longer boasted the well-known ‘tap and unwrap’ instruction, this is what I did, and I found the segments actually came away from the core (my favourite part!) a lot more easily than they have done in the past. However, I’m not sure if this was due to a change in design, or whether I’ve just become more experienced. 

The orange taste hit me instantly when it made contact with my tongue and then its strength tended to increase and decrease in waves as it mingled with the sweet and milky chocolate that contained a minimum of 14% milk solids and 25% cocoa solids. The product was full of flavour and this lingered, too, leaving behind a sugary but orangey aftertaste. The overall experience was definitely more orangey than chocolatey and this element could be felt in the back of the throat too. 

The great thing about the segment shapes was that, by nature, they had both a narrow and a thick end, and they were just the right size for my mouth so I could easily bite out the thinner centre before chewing the thicker ‘rind’. Despite being relatively chunky, the chocolate was still quite soft, and it also had a thick but pretty smooth melt that didn’t take too long thanks to the pieces not being too deep. 

I’m pleased to say that this Terry’s Chocolate Orange: Milk had just as rich a flavour as ever – let’s hope I get another next Christmas! 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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