Tuesday 25 February 2014

Nestlé Princessa: Kokosowa

Product name: Nestlé Princessa: Kokosowa
Purchase details:
£0.49 for a 33g bar (tesco.com)
185 per bar
Country of origin:

I’ve really started to appreciate supermarkets’ foods of the world sections in the past few months so, when I saw this bar of Nestlé Princessa: Kokosowa, I decided it was another snack I had to try. 

Since my understanding of the Polish language is, well...non-existent, I was pleased to see that the distributors of this bar (Osem UK) had helpfully provided a translation on a sticker on the back of product. From this, I knew that ‘kokosowa’ meant ‘coconut’ and that this was going to be one enjoyable treat since it was a ‘coconut cream filled wafer covered in white chocolate’. 

Judging by the name and silhouette of a woman on the wrapper, the Princessa: Kokosowa seemed to be aimed at the female market. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not but the pale blue and white colour scheme also made me think of healthy diet foods. There was no image of the product itself but the picture of a piece of coconut resting on a curl of white chocolate still managed to look appealing. 

I realised early on that this bar was likely to be competition for the Milka Nussini: Cocos which also hails from Poland. However, whilst the basic idea of the Princessa was the same, they weren’t identical bars.  

First off, the Princessa’s chocolate was a yellower colour, and it was also smoother due to not being combined with pieces of coconut. The inner wafer was also relatively dark in appearance which resulted in more of a contrast between the two elements – I actually thought its shade hinted at caramel. 

I was pleased to see that a decent proportion of the bar was the white chocolate (34.5%) although I did find it felt quite greasy to the touch. Pleasingly, the 2% desiccated coconut that the bar also contained, combined with the chocolate to provide a lovely creamy, coconutty smell. 

Taste-wise, the best way to describe the Princessa: Kokosowa would be like a very sweet milk. As soon as I swallowed one mouthful I wanted another – it was beautiful. The coconut flavour was decent but I was also glad that the white chocolate was able to hold its own in terms of strength. Even the wafer had a part to play in the overall taste. 

Like the Nussini: Cocos, this bar was very crispy with fluffy-style wafers. However, I found I preferred not having the extra bits of coconut to chew on, and the white chocolate coating and coconut cream were so moist that the Princessa wasn’t at all dry. I think the shape of the bar also contributed to this since it was wide rather than massively thick which meant the wafers weren’t stacked too high. However, they were still deep enough to provide a satisfying chewing experience. 

This really was an enjoyable product so I’m kicking myself for not making use of the multibuy offer it was on! 

Appearance: 7/10 
Aroma: 7/10
Overall score:

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  1. I also picked up some of these on a recent visit to the UK - at a Tesco in Cornwall. Now that I'm back in the US, I've held out until now to enjoy my last Princessa. Delicious, and it had me searching online to see if they're available in the US. Nope. While disappointed about that, I'm glad I got to try them. They made a great snack on a tough hike in the Lake District. I'll just know to bring home more next time (I didn't let my wife know I grabbed the last one!...)


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