Wednesday 11 September 2013

Wonka Chocolate Nice Cream

Product name: Wonka Chocolate Nice Cream
Purchase details:
£0.69 for an individual bar (A Quarter of Sweets)
193 per bar

Following my review of Wonka Millionaire's Shortbread a few days ago, this is my review for the other bar I picked up from A Quarter of Sweets: Wonka Chocolate Nice Cream. This bar was presented in similar packaging (although with a cream-coloured strip along the bottom rather than a golden one) and again, no specific information about the country of origin was given.

At first glance, I thought the product image showed a jam layer which would be similar to the strawberry and raspberry sauces that are often used on ice cream, but this, of course, was called Chocolate Nice Cream, and the product description said the bar contained a ‘smooth vanilla creme topped with chocolate sauce’.

Again, this bar was divided into four squares, but these ones were more interesting in appearance and featured a raised depiction of an ice cream bowl with a Wonka ‘W’ wafer. Apart from the fact I thought this looked a bit more cupcake-like than ice cream-like, I considered this to be a nice touch which also allowed for a deeper filling by raising the height of the outer milk chocolate layer.

The bar had quite a dark chocolatey scent and I was pleased to see that all three layers of the product were relatively thick. The vanilla flavoured filling provided 30% of the overall experience and looked lovely and smooth and, encouragingly, had visible vanilla pod specks. The chocolate flavoured filling that sat atop the vanilla creme was almost treacle-coloured and looked a bit like jelly in texture. Although the bar only contained half as much chocolate sauce as the vanilla centre, there still seemed to be a lot of it.

I found the chocolate to be really sweet and more sugary than chocolatey in flavour. I did love the satisfying crack it provided, though, before giving way to the bar’s soft innards. The chocolate sauce was gooey and quite thick, texturally, but it was still soft and, as intended, tasted like the chocolate sauces served with ice cream. The vanilla creme was stiffer than I’d expected, although, again, soft on the whole. Taste-wise, it was creamy but only had a mild vanilla flavour. Overall, I thought the bar tasted quite artificial whilst still being enjoyable, but it was only really the chocolate sauce that seemed reminiscent of ice cream since the creme layer didn’t quite cut it. 

As I usually do, I also tried letting a couple of squares melt on the tongue, and I found this had pros and cons. It released a creaminess from the chocolate before leading onto the sugariness that had been immediate when chewing the bar, and it also allowed the chocolate flavour to become gradually richer as the outer layer combined with the inner sauce. However, I found the vanilla layer did feel a bit rubbery when left behind in the mouth after these two chocolate elements had melted.

Whilst this bar scored the same, overall, as the Millionaire’s Shortbread version, the breakdown of points shows they had different things to offer. I preferred the flavours offered by the Millionaire’s Shortbread bar, but this Chocolate Nice Cream product was still pretty decent in its own way. 

Appearance: 9/10
Overall score:

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