Monday 2 September 2013

Milka Lila Pause: Nougat-crème

Product name: Milka Lila Pause: Nougat-crème
Purchase details:
£1.09 for a 38g bar (
210 per bar
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It’s time for me to review another previously untried Milka product from my latest Monster Sweets  order – the Lila Pause: Nougat-crème and, following my discovery with Lindt Hello My Name Is: Crunchy nougat that in Germany, nougat is a type of praline, I was looking forward to trying this bar.

In a similar way to the Milka Schoko Drops that I reviewed recently, I was intrigued by the novel opening method that was incorporated into the product’s wrapper, whereby the orange end was simply pulled away from the rest of the packaging...or so I thought. I actually found this quite difficult to open as the plastic was quite tough so one hand had to hold the bar tightly which made me scared of breaking the chocolate. I got there in the end though!

Since I was, once again, unable to read the languages on the wrapper, I relied on Monster Sweets' product description which said the Lila Pause: Nougat-crème was a ‘tender, melting nougat cream with crunchy rice crispies’ coated in Milka’s famous milk chocolate – mouth-watering!

Whilst I’m not a massive fan of ‘porange’ the purple and orange wrapper still managed to be relatively attractive and I particularly liked the small illustration of the crème blob as this reminded me of cupcake frosting. The chocolate bar that waited inside did not disappoint, with a long, slim bar depicting a mountain scene which looked great. As for the inner nougat-crème, this was evidently soft and gooey. On the downside, whilst this product did have a pleasant smell, it was only mildly chocolatey and the nuttiness in the aroma was also slight.

As usual, the chocolate was milky and beautifully silky, and I was not disappointed by the praline centre. I was also pleased that, despite the mild nutty scent, the nougat’s flavour was a strong one. I found that the chocolate and the praline blended together well, with the addition of the crispy rice being a nice touch which prevented the snack becoming too rich.

I have to say that this was a very enjoyable bar with plenty of flavour and was well worth the struggle to open! 

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:


  1. These sound interesting may check them out if I see them in store Milka often turn up in Poundtown near me eventually.

  2. Wow! You've really been busy with the reviews recently - another fantastic one!! Thanks as always, it makes for great, mouth-watering reading!

    It really bugs me that I can't buy so many of these interesting bars in the UK. I'm sure the import sites do a great job but, being a die-hard MSE money-saver right now, I can't justify the prices for such small bars. Nice to see that Tesco recently started stocking Reece's products recently (even if I think their stuff is hugely overrated) but it would be nice to see a much larger range of foreign choc sold in all the supermarkets. They sell so much stuff, you'd think there'd be room on the shelves to branch out a bit more. I'd love to see more types of Milka in this country as I think their chocolate is gorgeous.

    Oh well. I'm holding out for more stuff to appear in the pound shops as that seems to be where you're more likely to find some of the more "exotic" bars that get reviewed on your site (and the other great snack review sites).

  3. Thanks, Scritti!

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm currently in the house-buying process so, believe it or not, I've cut down on my snack purchases recently. I'm just a sucker for trying things that are new to me even if it's only once. I do look for deals though so I won't pay more than I think something's worth, and if I know I can get something cheaper elsewhere, I'll go there to buy it. What I find with Monster Sweets is they have loads of products I've never seen anywhere else and, for the other things, they're usually cheaper. I do have to limit the frequency of my orders though!

    Oh yeah - I'd be lost without the bargain stores!


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