Monday 23 September 2013

Cadbury Fingers: Fabulous (praline)

Product name: Cadbury Fingers: Fabulous (praline)
Purchase details:
£1.99 per box or two for £2.50 (Tesco)
30 per finger
Country of origin:

Having recently reviewed Cadbury Fingers: Fabulous, and due to my fascination with the chocolate and hazelnut combination, it seems only right that I now review Cadbury Fingers: Fabulous (praline). That said, I was a bit dubious about how this flavour would be delivered.

These biscuits were exactly the same concept as the original Fingers: Fabulous but with a ‘praline flavour biscuit’ beneath the white and milk chocolate layers. I was pleased to see a continuation in the presentation of the packaging, with the simple change of a rusty-coloured carpet on the box rather than a pink one.

The Fingers themselves were identical in appearance but they did have a slightly different smell which was particularly strong when the packaging was first opened. However, I wouldn’t describe this as ‘nutty’.

The back of the box promised ‘a rich praline flavour biscuit’ experience ‘with every scrumptious bite’ and, whilst there was definitely a difference in the taste, it seemed really sweet rather than nutty. I thought that the chocolate seemed less creamy but this may have been a result of the more overpowering biscuit flavour. Slightly bizarrely, the chocolate layers seemed thinner than the original Fingers: Fabulous, and the biscuit seemed crispier too, but the percentages of these ingredients remained the same.

On the whole, I was a bit confused by this product. I couldn’t associate it with praline at all and, on checking the ingredients list, I discovered that no nuts were listed, and even the allergy warning just said that it ‘may contain’ them – how disappointing for a praline flavoured biscuit! Of course, that doesn’t mean that these Fingers were unpleasant in any way. They were simply a bit unusual and not my favourite from the Fingers range.

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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