Sunday, 15 September 2013

Galaxy Gift For You (white bubbly)

Product name: Galaxy Gift For You (white bubbly)
Purchase details:
£0.65 for a 26g bar or two for £1.00 (Tesco Superstore)
148 per bar

In the war between Cadbury Dairy Milk and Galaxy, I think I’d die for Galaxy – I love it that much! As a big white chocolate fan, though, it’s always been a source of disappointment for me that Galaxy haven’t branched out into that area. As sad as it sounds, I can honestly say that, since I was a child, there have been many times when I’ve daydreamed about exactly what white chocolate Galaxy would be like! 

I was delighted, a few months ago, when I found an American version in Bold Street Sweets in the form of Dove Cookies & Crème. This delivered the sweet creaminess I’d always imagined, but it obviously wasn’t a pure form of white chocolate due to the bits of cookie and general flavour it was trying to achieve. But wait! Galaxy have finally made my dreams come true by releasing this white bubbly version of Gift For You in plenty of time for Christmas 2013. The only downside I anticipated in advance of trying this product was that the inner chocolate was aerated when, really, I would have loved to enjoy it in a pure, silky Galaxy form. Oh well – beggars can’t be choosers!

I’m not entirely sure where this product was made, but the contact addresses given on the familiar brown-coloured wrapper were for the UK and Ireland so, presumably, it was relatively local. I loved the presentation of this chocolate. Although it came in matt rather than glossy packaging, it had a nice added touch of a shiny silver streak to represent a gift tag’s ribbon and, inside, the chocolate was a fantastic shade for the white variety. The product was made to look like a present and was divided into four non-identical segments, topped with a chocolate bow, and stamped with a Galaxy ‘G’. I loved how thick this chocolate was and was also pleased when I looked inside and saw that the bubbly centre wasn’t as deep as I thought it might have been.

The chocolate smelt of standard white chocolate, with a slightly sickly element, and I couldn’t wait to try it. It tasted like a great piece of chunky white chocolate, and it was creamy and sweet in its own right but, I have to say, I was disappointed that this wasn’t in a Galaxy-like way. 

I love letting Galaxy melt and this product did melt well, even avoiding the bubbliness I was expecting from the aerated centre. It was, though, also great to chew since there was a satisfying crack through the whole depth of the chocolate so, whilst the bubbly filling was slightly softer than the outer edge, it was just as pleasant to bite through.

I obviously had really high expectations for this Gift For You (white bubbly) and this is the only reason why I was slightly disappointed by the end result. In itself, it was a good quality product which tasted lovely, but it just didn’t seem particularly unique in its flavour, like Galaxy milk chocolate is, and I know that if I hadn’t known what I was eating, I wouldn’t have made any association with the Galaxy brand. As a stand-alone product, though, I have absolutely no complaints – apart from the fact that, for the size, it’s not quite worth the price I paid! 

Appearance: 8.5/10
Overall score:


  1. I've always daydreamed of a white chocolate Galaxy too :D I agree this Gift For You doesnt quite have the unique flavour that Galaxy does. I guess it'd be hard to replicate it without the cocoa solids.

  2. OMG this post is making me super hungry, does anyone remember when they were giving away free packs of it at Christmas? I got like 5 packs of it for free here - and was so amazing lol, love it!


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