Saturday 7 September 2013

Milka Toffee Ganznuss

Product name: Milka Toffee Ganznuss
Purchase details:
£1.09 for a 43g bar (
240 per bar
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This bar of Milka Toffee Ganznuss was 2g lighter than the Milka Leo but, aside from that, it was presented in a similar way when it came to the wrapper, size and shape.

Like the Lila Pause: Nougat-crème, the Toffee Ganznuss teamed orange with the purple wrapper, but it seemed to work better here since it matched the toffee theme, and the imagery of a toffee and milk stream dotted with nuts looked really attractive. I also thought the picture of the bar itself looked appealing and appeared to have a similar filling to the Milka Caramel Cream but with added nuts. 

Since this bar’s wrapper wasn’t written in English, I once again relied on Monster Sweets' product description which said the milk chocolate contained a ‘milk cream, caramel cream and whole hazelnut filling’. 

This product’s wrapper was another that featured an ‘easy’ opening design but, this time, I didn’t struggle with it! However, because I was expecting it to be tough, I pulled a bit too hard which caused the chocolate to shoot out of the wrapper in two pieces – oops! As expected, the bar’s appearance was similar to the Leo, although it had deeper crevices between the squares and so it was more curved than angular. The nuts were visible through the base of the bar (as was a bit of leaked toffee!) and I couldn’t believe it when I looked inside and discovered some of the nuts still had their skins on – definitely whole, then! As for the milk cream, this was a very pale beige colour and was topped with a thick layer of rich and gooey-looking toffee that, having cut the bar open, I’d discovered to be sticky and difficult to wipe off the knife! (Just as a warning, the toffee was also stringy when breaking the squares apart so, if you have long hair, you may want to keep it away...not that I had this issue *cough*.)

I could smell a mild buttery toffee through the chocolate but, unfortunately, this was the extent of the product’s aroma. However, I’m pleased to report that the flavour was far stronger than the scent. As I’d guessed, this bar was similar to the Caramel Cream bar, although the proportions were different and so the Toffee Ganzuss had more cream and, possibly, less toffee. Of course, the Toffee Ganznuss had the added bonus of the hazelnuts, and this strong nutty flavour could be detected even when taking a nutless bite. The combination of these nuts with the caramel-like filling reminded me of Nestlé Quality Street: The purple one which, let’s face it, wasn’t a bad thing! The hazelnuts were understandably crunchy, but also had a slight chewiness to them, and I loved the way they were enveloped by the soft but slightly solidified milk cream.

I have to admit that the chocolate itself didn’t emit a strong flavour in this product but, when persisting and letting the bar melt on the tongue, it gradually unleashed a creaminess which then gave way to the cream itself which was, obviously, even creamier.

Once again, I enjoyed this Milka chocolate bar and it certainly delivered on flavour when it came to the hazelnuts. However, I did think it was a slight shame that this flavour was so predominant that the other tastes weren’t really apparent when chewing the bar (although the texture was still a good one). I found that, to really appreciate the different flavours on offer, time needed to be taken to allow each piece to melt slowly in the mouth, before crunching on the remaining nut. 

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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  1. These are available in discount stores at the moment but under the name "Lacta", which like Milka is owned by Kraft. I really like them, although theyre very sweet.


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