Monday 30 September 2013

Elka Daily: Croissant (strawberry marmelade)

Product name: Elka Daily: Croissant (strawberry marmelade)
Purchase details:
£0.40 for a 50g croissant or four for £1.00 (Asda)
186 per croissant
Country of origin:

To finish off my reviews of the Elka Daily: Croissant range, tonight I bring you the strawberry marmelade variety (yes, that’s right – they can’t spell ‘marmalade’!). Following my experiences with the mille-feuille cream and cocoa cream flavours, I pretty much knew what to expect from the croissant itself at this point, but I did expect this strawberry filling to the be the sweetest of the lot.

This Croissant came in a very girly wrapper which was bright pink swirled with baby blue – I liked it! Unlike the other flavours, there was no image of the filling on this packaging but, instead, actual strawberries. On checking the ingredients, I saw that the filling would make up 27% of the product and contained strawberry pulp.

On removing the Croissant from the wrapper, I was aware that the smell was the strongest yet. Whilst I’ve previously found that the pastry itself had a fruity-like aroma, this one was obviously properly fruity in scent.

As expected, the outward appearance was the same as the other varieties, and the filling appeared to have the same kind of consistency, although it did look slightly more rough. I did find that the marmelade was darker than I thought it would be and was more of an orangey-brown than a pinky-red. I was pleased to see there was plenty of it though!

The Croissant itself tasted and felt exactly the same as previously whilst the filling was very sweet. Even though it was called a marmelade, I had been expecting the filling to taste like a jam, but there actually was a marmalade-like tang to the flavour. I enjoyed this taste but it wasn’t as fruity as I thought it would be. The moisture it provided, though, was fantastic and so the overall experience reminded me a bit of a Danish pastry.

This was the variety of Elka Daily: Croissant that I was least looking forward to trying but it turned out to be really nice and a winning combination. If only it were a bit fruitier... 

Appearance: 6.5/10
Overall score:

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